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yami (7 years ago)


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PPS with sound. Click for next image

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I have asked a few questions to the spirit in the lamp

Slide 3

I asked for food

Slide 4

He gave me the most delicious meal

Slide 5

I asked him for some water

Slide 6

He gave the best and clearest

Slide 7

I asked him for some money

Slide 8

He gave me an immense fortune

Slide 9

I asked him for a nice house

Slide 10

I got a castle

Slide 11

I asked for some transport

Slide 12

He gave me the biggest car

Slide 13

I also asked him for flowers

Slide 14

He gave me the most splendid garden

Slide 15

I asked him for a laughing monkey because I was bored

Slide 16

He gave me Your Email-address

Slide 17

Oh my God, I feel so embarrassed! Please forgive me, but I couldn’t keep myself from sending it on..