Hidden Talents: ch 1-9 comprehension questions


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Hidden Talents Chapters 1-9

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1. Who is Bloodbath? A. A runt B. A bully C. A teacher D. A secretary

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2. What do people say that Torchie does? A. Start fires B. Cheats on tests C. Throws things D. Beats people up

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3. Why is Martin at Edgeview? A. He played a joke on his parents. B. He wanted to leave home. C. He got kicked out of his other school. D. He is too smart for other schools.

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4. How do Martin’s teachers feel about him? A. They think he is polite. B. They think he is silly. C. They think he is rude. D. They think he is home sick.

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5. Who do you think has hidden talents? A. Bloodbath, Mr. Parsons, and Torchie B. Lip, Hindenburg, and Miss Nomad C. Bloodbath, Cheater, and Torchie D. Cheater, Torchie, and Trash

Summary: 5 comprehension questions about the first nine chapters of Hidden Talents by David Lubar.

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