Weather charts


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Learning Intentions Read and account for weather patterns on a synoptic chart Describe and explain the weather associated with fronts and depressions Understand the relationship between air pressure and weather patterns

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A synoptic chart...

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Where in the depression? Let’s link people to the chart (weather effects) in pairs 6 numbered scenarios, some with more than one possible answer 2 scenarios to create and swap with your partner Place all 8 on your synoptic chart by writing the number on the chart

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Weather forecasting In the exam, you will often be given a synoptic chart with station symbols. It is important not only that you can read the weather, but can also predict it For this next exercise, we will a) decide on current weather for 3 locations, and b) Forecast the weather for the next 12 hours This exercise is a solo activity. It is important that every person in the class is confident in their reading of the weather

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Met Office synoptic

Summary: Looking at synoptic charts with S3 students