Link Building with Developers


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Link Building with Developers And how to get started even if you don’t know how to code Will Critchlow, February 2010

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Core product

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Build quick stuff Sometimes looking crappy is an asset

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Build quick stuff

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If you are / have a real developer

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Exhibit A: facelette

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If, um, not so much

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Only 2 hours’ work Over 50,000 visits in the first few days Over 900 people stayed on the site for > 3 minutes 14 people continued filling in questions for > half an hour Traffic from ~120 different domains Over 1,300 visitors to Hire Marshal from the tiny attribution link

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Actually getting links

Slide 18 Primary domain fail

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Just link back

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Just link back

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301 / canonical To the same content To your money pages

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You might find inspiration from the story of 7bks (built by Tom at Distilled) - he wrote up how he learnt to code and built the site in 4 weeks (HN discussion) alongside his day job. Getting started

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Top tips

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News, trends and memes get links

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Evergreen gets links forever

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Will Critchlow – Q&A I co-founded Distilled in 2005 We opened an office in Seattle last year We are hosting link building training in March:

Summary: How to use your engineers to get links.

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