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eTwinning project – “Clean water - green grass” Form 2 b March,2011 teacher - Vitalija Bumblauskaitė

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There are the four major elements in the world: air, earth, fire and water.

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Water - the most spread substance on the Earth. It covers 2/3 of the Earth surface.

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You can find water in all alive organisms and it is essential life-sustaining element. Fresh water resources are not big all over the world.

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Water is often mentioned in Lithuanian folklore because our ancestries adored it. Lithuanian fairy-tales usually start like this: far far away, behind the nine seas, the nine waters…

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Pupils of class 2b illustrated Lithuanian folk tale “ Water from the wizard’s well”.

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Once upon a time there lived two daughters, two brothers and a father. The father was seriously ill.

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Once father asked his elder daughter to bring water from wizard’s well and said that he could recover of it.

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When the daughter drew up some water from the well the wizard suddenly appeared. He asked the girl to marry him. When the girl refused the wizard outpoured the water and the daughter came home empty-handed.

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The next morning father asked the other daughter to bring some water from the wizard’s well.

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When the girl drew up some water the wizard suddenly appeared again and asked her to marry him. The girl agreed and the wizard let her to bring the magic water home.

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Father drank this water and recovered.

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After some time the wizard visited the father and the daughters. The father dressed a cow and gave it to the wizard instead of a bride. But a coo-coo bird warned the wizard that he has been tricked.

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Then father dressed a horse like a bride but the coo-coo bird warned the wizard that he has been tricked again.

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After that, father dressed a pig like a bride but the coo-coo bird warned the wizard that he has been tricked again.

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The father tried to trick the wizard again and this time he dressed a dog instead of bride. But the coo-coo bird warned the wizard that he has been tricked the fourth time.

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The next time father gave his daughter to the wizard.

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The wizard brought over his young wife into his palace.

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Some time passed and the girl missed her homeland. She asked the wizard to visit her father. In order to be allowed to visit home, the girl was required to wear down a pair if iron shoes.

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The girl wore the shoes but she couldn’t wear them down, So, she burnt them. A toad cropped out from the shoes and burnt out. Then the shoes wore down at once.

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The girl together with her son and daughter came home to her father. But her brothers didn’t wish to let them back to the wizard. They forced their sister’s son to tell the secret calling of his father by the sea. However, he remained silent.

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Then they forced their sister’s daughter. Finally, a frightened daughter disclosed her father’s name.

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The brothers went to the sea and called the wizard. When he appeared from the sea the angry brothers killed him using scythes.

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Bidding farewell to all the family, the girl went off the sea with her children and called for her husband. But no-one swam up. The girl understood what had happened. As a punishment for betrayal she put her daughter into thorn bush and left her there. She and her son came home and lived long and happily.

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Lithuanian proverb says : “Bread – is a mother, water – is a father”

Summary: Vanduo

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