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Copyright AmeriCareToday 2009 Lifted seniors out of poverty Takes more of workers paychecks Good Bad Ugly Turned retirement assets into retirement debt All About the Rest of the People 2 www.aarp2.com S o c i a l S e c u r i t y No Degrees Just Jim G e n e r a t I o n a l C h a I n o f T r u s t The More You Make The Less Percent You Pay $106,800 12.4 % 2 % $3,000 $13,243 $60 Exempt from Social Security tax Subject to Social Security tax Every year a Social Security wage cap is established 15 % 20 % 30 % I ‘m Here To Help You Time to re-evaluate this relationship Social Security Taxes - Economic Pacman Your wage, the wage cap, and your retirement check 1970 Greater by 20 % 2010 $39,423 $106,800 Only 37 % Average Annual Wages SS Wage Cap 1990 Only 56 % Social Security Retiree Benefits $9,350 $7,800 Average wages greater than Social Security wage cap Your average annual wages over a period of time meet or exceed the Social Security annual wage cap means maximum Social Security benefits at retirement When annual wage increases fail to keep pace with the Social Security wage cap increases You lose at retirement Re-assessing this relationship is no longer an option, it’s mandatory Will you STOP peeling this onion 4 6 $28,930 1 0 8 209 558 $51,300 Wages up 422% Wage cap up 1369% 1983 – The Year Social Security Turned Ugly $1 Of SS Retiree Benefits Out $1 In $1 Out PAY AS YOU GO $1 Of SS Tax Money In Hmm – Can we do that again & again & again Maximum Special Obligation Bond Debt Prior to 1983 25 Billion Dollars Social Security Going Bankrupt $5 Of SS Tax Money In $4 Of SS Retiree Benefits Out COVER UP DECEPTION DECEIT Shown as an asset on the Social Security trust fund balance sheet Same retirement dollar shows up as income on the general revenue fund ledger PERCENT SOCIAL SECURITY GETS WAGES SUBJECT TO SS TAX STOP peeling I say They’re good as gold Some Benefitted From This Affair What about those SOBs? Wars Tax Cuts Earmarks Political Candy Jar Why did you take our money in the first place Because you weren’t watching Financial Affairs Are NOT Cheap The wheels are coming off $2.54 Trillion Asset Finance Wars Fund Tax Cuts Pay For Earmarks $2.54 Trillion Debt Need Our Money Have NO Money WHO PAYS THIS TIME?? A 5 TRILLION DOLLAR NET LOSS Social Security Trust Fund Reserve General Revenue Fund Account We’ll Form A Committee Every Weekday – 9am (eastern) The Government Can Radio Show http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pappyg 3,942,000 “The Government Can” radio show – every weekday morning 9AM (eastern) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/pappyg WWW.AARP2.COM Become a member - $26.95 A Year .52 Cent A Week Less Than .02 Cents A Hour All About the Rest of the People 2 Hey, Are You Ready To Talk Now Yes, just STOP Peeling The Onion

Summary: This report exposes the financial affair politicians have been having with Social Security, and how millions of middle class working Americans, their families, and the communities they call home have been damaged by that affair

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