Facts about Iceland


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Facts about Iceland

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Iceland Population: 306,694 Language: Icelandic The colors in the Icelandic flag represents: Blue-The Ocean and water Red-Fire White-ice

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Icelandic domestic animals

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The Icelandic sheep The Icelandic sheep is one of a kind. It is colorful and even though the white color is the most common color. Its facial expression is very beautiful and some might even say that the Icelandic sheep is the most beautiful in the world

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The Icelandic horse The Icelandic horse is famous for his five types of walks and is the only horse in the world that has so many types of walking.

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Icelandic cow The Icelandic cow comes in many colors. We are very proud of the Icelandic cow and even though you can find better milk cow in world we have not wanted to blend it with other cow species and have tried to protect it from changes.

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Icelandic chicken The Icelandic chickens are like other Icelandic domestic animals very colorful. We also have the white kind but the typical Icelandic one comes in many colors.

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The Icelandic Sheepdog The Icelandic sheepdog is a pure breed. It is both kept as a pet and of course in the country as a farm dog. Other dog species are more common as a pet now a days fore the are perhaps more suitable for the life in towns.

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Cats in Iceland There is no special Icelandic cat. The most common is the typical house cat but there many other species that are kept as pets in Iceland.

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Bird live in Iceland

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Ducks at Mývatn Mývatn is the a big lake in the north of the country. It is a famous bird watching site. It is a nesting place for almost all duck spices.

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The puffin No where in the world you can find more puffins than in Iceland. There most common nesting place in Iceland is Vestmannaeyjar and Grímsey but it also nests in other places but not in such magnitude.

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Wild mammals in Iceland The fox The mink The rabbit The reindeer

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Icelandic tourist attractions

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Northern lights You can see the northern lights often on cold bright winter nights. The are green and slither trough the sky. In some parts of the country they are white in color and on rear occasions they are also little bit red but that is not common.

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Jökulárlón Gullfoss Geysir Blue lagoon Whale wathing

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It is safe to say that no were in the world you can se as spectacular fireworks on New years eve. Fore every family in Iceland buys fireworks for this event and that makes this the biggest fireworks show in the world. People from all over the world come to sea this spectacular show. The photos du not tell the hole truth you have to se it to believe it. The new year

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The capital of Iceland Reykjavík

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Reykjavíkpond The parlament The mayor of Reykjavík Jón Gnarr

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Our town Garðabær The town logo

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The town hall The mayor of our town

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Sports in our town

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Our school Hofsstaðaskóli Hofsstaðaskóli is an elementary school for students from 6-12 years of age. It has 426 students. Our school is one of five schools in a town called Garðabær which is located about 14 kilometers from the center of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Our Website http://www.hofsstadaskoli.is

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Hofsstaðaskóli has a “guiding light” The school has a “guiding light” or basic value system that sets the theme for the school. It consists of five V- words: Virðing -respect
 Vinnusemi - industriousness
 Vellíðan- wellbeing
 Verkmennt -skills in arts and crafts

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Our schoolyard

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School cafeteria and auditorium Schools computer room Schools library

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Art and craft

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We put emphasis on innovation and creativity in our school. We have won many prizes in our national innovation competition which is ongoing all year round. Margrét our principal Innovation and creativity

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Our class 5.RS

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The girls in 5.RS Anna Katrín Auður Berglind Bryndís Helga Eygló Birna Karen Karen Eva Theodóra Ýr Vigdís Elva Viktoría Dís

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The boys in 5.RS Breki Daníel Heiðar Einar Guðjón Andri Guðni Snær Gunnar Örn Hrannar Örn Lárus Ólafur Jökull Sævar

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Our classroom

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We hope you have enjoyed our presentation. Thank you and good bye. 5.RS 

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