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America By Jacob

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The capital of the united states is Washington DC. The largest city is new York city. The population is estimated about 305,413,00. They speak English.

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Washington DC has the white house , with president George Bush. The population is 588,292. There are also lots of historic sites and museums.

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The white house is home to the president of the united states. His name is George Bush The white house is in Washington DC. It started to get built on October 13 1792. The red room. The white house.

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The population of new York is 8,274,527. New York has 28,00 acres of parkland. New York city at night.

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The empire state building is in new York city on 350 fifth avenue. It was constructed from 1929 to 1931. It was designed June the 24 1986.

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The statue of liberty was given to new York from France. It is located on liberty island . It takes up 12 acres. There have been 4,235,595 visitors.

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The population is 588,880 Las Vegas has millions and millions of casinos and nightclubs. At night it has millions of lights of all different colours.

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The population is 3,849,378. Los Angeles is located in California. It is a very nice country.

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The population is 36,553,215. There famous song is” I love you California”. There famous bird is Californian quail. There famous tree is Californian redwood.

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The population is 106,682,500. Mexico has hosted the XIX Olympic games. They have also hosted the Fifa world cup twice. Cool Mastretta MXT

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The population is 1,283,388. The last volcanic eruption was in the 18th century!! The island has volcanic formation amazing.

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Their was a theory about area 51 that two alien space ships landed there. So now they have put big gates and fences around it. Only people that work there are allowed to go inside and only they no what is inside.

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The grand canyon is 277 miles long and 466 kilometres long. Its depth is over a mile. It is carved by the Colorado river.

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The population of Arizona is 6,388,755. Their normal temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. In summer their temperature is around 32 to 48 degrees Celsius!

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2,998 people died. 6,291 plus got injured. It happened on September 11 2001. It was in New York city.

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New Orleans has the Mississippi river. In 2005 they built New Orleans under water and made levies to block the water from coming in but one day Hurricane Katrina came and knocked down the levies and the city got flooded.

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Hurricane Katrina flooded down the levies and the city was gone .

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Golden gate bridge is in san Francisco. it is 8,981 feet long. It is 90 feet long. Its height is 746 feet.

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The population is 764,976. It is in California. There was a major earthquake on April the 18 1906 at 5:12.

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The population is 683,478. Alaska is really snowy and has millions of mountains. It has walrus’s.

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The population 33,428,000. The capital of Canada is Ottawa. There official languages are English, French.

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The population is 4,627,851. Official languages English. Spoken languages English , Spanish.

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