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The Fruit Bats are nocturnal and hang from there feet during the day and if it is hot they can use there wings to fan themselves. There name gives you a hint what food they eat so they eat fruit and flowers. Did you know that humans eat different kinds of bats! The Fruit Bat loves fruit as you can see!

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The Vampire Bat lives in the tropics of Mexico Central America and sometimes South America. They live up to 9 years. They are carnivores. The Vampire bat can hear stuff from far away. Did you know that the Vampire bat is vicious type of bat! The Vampire Bat Loves Eating Bugs as you can see Bug Bat

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The Short-Tailed bat is very rear. They are only found in New Zealand because they are native to New Zealand. They like to feed on lots of plants and bugs.

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P The bats are not threats.   M Some people eat them. I Tha bat sense their food. 

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K That the long-tailed bat usees its tail to scoop the bug up into its mouth W How do the bats find there way back home in the dark? L The bats can send a Tracking device an can send It to the bug and the bug sends it back to the bat so the bat can find the bug

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