Top Flex 1 - Unit 3 -Who let the dogs out


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Who let the dogs out? Top Flex 1 – American Headway – Unit 3 : What happened next?

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Who let the dogs out? What a mystery! What do American dogs say? Woof! Woof!

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In pairs, try to summarize the story. Use these words and pictures to help you. Last month Strange things Mary Tealby Reporters

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Complete the sentences about the article. Use the past tense of these verbs: Be, see, use, put, think, begin and arrive Last month, strange things ________ to happen at London’s Battersea Dog’s Home. Every morning, when the staff ______, they _____ that a lot of the dogs _______ out of their cages. They _________ it was the ghost of Mary Tealby. So they ________ cameras in all the cages and filmed what happened. They ______ amazed at what they saw! Red, a four-year-old lurcher, _______ his teeth to open the door of the cages! began arrived saw were thought put were used

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CD1 -Track 28 – page 19 You will hear six incorrect sentences about the story. Correct them using negative sentences. 1- It happened every morning. It didn’t happen every morning. It happened every night. 2- Red locked all the doors. He didn’t lock all the doors. He opened them. 3- Amy Watson started the home. Amy Watson didn’t start the home. Mary Tealby started it.

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4- They saw a man on the film. They didn’t see a man on the film. They saw a dog. 5- He opened the door with his nose. He didn’t open the door with his nose. He opened it with his teeth. 6- Reporters came to film Amy. Reporters didn’t come to film Amy. They came to film Red.

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Complete the questions. CD1 – track 29 What did Red do? He opened all the cage doors. 2) Why the doors? Because he wanted to go to the kitchen. 3) How often ? Many times. did he open did he do it

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4) Who Amy it was? The ghost of Mary Tealby. 5) What they in the cages? Cameras. 6) How the doors? With his teeth. did think did put did he open

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7) a good time? Yes, they did. 8)Why call the dogs’ home? Because they wanted to give Red a home. Did they have did 400 people

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That’s all, Folks!