Top Flex 1 - Exercise 01B


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Top Flex 1 Exercise 1B Ask questions to match the answers. Use the question words: what, who, where, why, how many, how much, whose or which.

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The red bus goes downtown. 1- Which bus goes downtown? Which choice

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I want to stay home and watch a DVD. 2- What do you want to do?

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3- When was your brother born? My brother was born in 1997. Time when

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4- How many brothers and sisters does Mary have? Mary has 1 brother and 2 sisters. How many quantity For countable nouns

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I was born in Recife. 5- Where were you born? Place Where

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6) How did you go to Rio? We went to Rio by car. By car How ( transportation: by car, by train, by bus, by bike )

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7- How much does a plane ticket to São Paulo cost? A plane ticket to São Paulo? Well ... It costs about 500 reais. Or: How much is a plane ticket to São Paulo? Price – How much

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8- Whose book is it? I think it’s Janet’s book. Whose - possession

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Mr. Brown teaches me English. 9- Who teaches you English? Subject - Who Pay attention to the following questions: Who likes ice-cream? Who bought a house? Who went to Rio? Who speaks French? Did you notice anything different about the structure of these questions? No auxiliary verb (do/does/did) is used when you are looking for the subject!

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10 – Why didn’t you come last class? go to the party? Because I was sick. Reason WHY