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God had reached down, , , and handed me life’s golden ticket— a second chance at life. p.8 The Millionaire Messenger Brendon Burchard’s

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“Did I live?” “Did I love?” ”Did I matter?” p. 9

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His name was Tony Robbins and he had a message: p. 11

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The sad truth about the world is that is not set up to help people share there real voice and their real message. p. 13

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In terms of a career, there are fewer stable and lucrative jobs in the world than that of being an expert. p.20

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Your work is based entirely on your passion and knowledge. p. 24

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We are not paid by the hour for our worth— but by the value you give. p. 30

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, , ,on the highway of life, you have come further than some others and the lessons you have learned are both helpful and valuable to others. p. 39

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The reason I think people need help in this area is. . . p. 45

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, , , never forget that people listen to those they trust, respect, admire, and follow— they listen to role models. p. 46

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, , , parents, women, men, retirees, nonprofits, entrepreneurs— who exactly is your target audience? p. 53

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What have you overcome and how? p. 56

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To pay the price point of this product, people must believe that. . . p. 63

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, , , I have learned a very important lesson about money these last few years: Money is a grand amplifier. p. 71

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Never forget that people pay a lot of money to shorten their learning curve and their path to success. p. 83

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I will not let my small business make me small-minded. p. 93

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They scan the horizon and decide where they would like to stake their claim in life. p. 96

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How do I explain how I’m different? Why is my content valuable? How much do I charge? p. 103

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You create and distribute blog posting, videos, webinars, teleseminars, podcasts, ebooks and so on. p. 105

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Teaching step-by-step information is more valuable than teaching overview. p. 108

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State strongly and specifically why your solution is the best available to date. p. 113

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Landing big promotional partners is critical to your message’s reach and your financial success. p. 116

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Who speaks about it for a living? p. 117

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I call it the Ultimate Messenger Mandate: Serving with purpose. p. 123

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Honor More Expect More p. 143

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First, we have to understand that the expert community is comprised of entrepreneurs who mostly work from home and alone. p. 127

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Experts are students and creators, and we can always create more useful information. p. 129

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I believe you are here because deep within you, there has been a restless stirring to share your voice with the world in a bigger way. p. 150

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This is your time. Today is the day to choose, , , p. 156 Sky by Slideshow by Wayne Kronz Quotations from Brendon Burchard The Millionaire Massager

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