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1 CD Back Cover Development Analysis Enyinna, Mase, Teddy and Shannon

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2 Within this slideshow there are further developments taken from this previous design, in order to transform it into a Back Cover for a CD design within the digipak from our ancillary tasks. In this step I am transferring the previous design I had created using Computer-aided design (Adobe Photoshop), onto a new page in which the layout has already been set to the size of a CD cover. The composition of the brick wall behind the artist happened to work exceedingly well with the design, and generally the Mise en scene on a whole when considering the artist’s attire (baseball cap, dressed in dark, black clothing, ring as apart of the jewellery) and overall it happens to be very conventional to the Grime genre

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3 A black, rectangular block was added to the image as this is where the writing and text of the tracks within the album would be placed over. This was because the black block would provide for an simple layout for where text would be incredibly easy to read over it, and it would also be very suitable towards the colour scheme that already features a strong amount of black within it.

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4 These were a few font styles that I considered going with. I wanted to make it consistent with the front cover of the CD and therefore decided to go with a formal, bold and easy to read font. However although it looks masculine enough, it also looked too formal, and ended up appearing exceedingly simple and boring and therefore would not appealing consumers of Grime and Rap music since their audience happens to be young and ‘street’ – influenced. The second design uses a different font in order to make it bold, easy to read yet still slightly informal to be connotative to the younger Grime audience. However we believed that it still didn’t look conventional enough

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5 We decided to use this type of typography, as we believed the writing was very conventional towards Grime due to it’s rough, handwriting style. Therefore it is reflective to the idea of how many rappers and lyricists write down their songs and rhymes as a massive part of their hobbies and lifestyles. The blue colours on the font, with particular note towards the shade of blue upon the ‘Wretch 32’ writing, happen to also work well with the design and therefore builds upon the consistency of the thematic colour.

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6 In this step, the institutional writing was added towards the design, to make sure it looks official and therefore a believable and convincing back cover for a Grime album. Within the next step, more conventional features of CD covers were added towards the design, such as the barcode and the company logo. A black strip was also applied some of the institutional information to make sure it is more visible, and therefore easier to read.

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7 Within this step, we decided to change around the fonts of the ‘Wretch 32’, in order to ensure the back of our CD cover was consistent towards the front of it. We also finally added the actual name of the album upon the back since it is an essential feature that needs to be on it.

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8 With a group discussion made we decided to change the composition of the album title, since we believed that it was lacking visual flair and was detrimental to the overall design. We therefore made it composed just the way our the album title on the CD front cover was.

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9 In this stage only a slight alteration was made, as we believed that the websites promoting the artists were too close together, therefore making them possibly slightly difficult to read. We also thought that one of the websites was not appropriate enough to be on the back cover of the CD, and so we changed it around.

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10 Within this new development, significant and important changes were made as we decided to scrap the artist’s name from being on the design since we believed it was unnecessary because it was already on the front cover. Due to changes made towards the front cover, we also changed around the font of the album title in order to make sure it matched and that the consistency was still strong. Another thing we did was add a couple of more songs towards the track list, as real albums tend to have more and so our one did not seem to look as realistic.

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11 In this development a minor effects were made, as a small outline was added towards the artist’s hand due to some feedback saying that his glove was difficult to see and gave the impression that the hand was not there at all. We also slightly increased the intensity of the colour palette within the image, as we believed some tones of colour were looking slightly washed out.

Summary: Slideshow of CD back cover developments

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