Development of SMART WRETCH Inlay Card


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Fourth Inlay Card Development Analysis Enyinna, Mase, Teddy and Shannon

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Within this step, we first had to drag the image we were using onto Adobe Photoshop. We then afterwards resized it to the appropriate size that we wanted on our design.

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We decided to compose the image towards the left of the design, therefore we could add text towards the right of it. A slight increase in contrast upon the image was also added in order to make sure the colours were very vibrant and therefore reflective upon the positive tone of the design.

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Within these two steps, the ‘Magnetic Lasso’ tool was used to immense effect, in order to highlight the outline of the artist and use the ‘Black and White’ effect on him. With this we were also able to highlight the background of the wall, and therefore could re-colour it into a colour more suitable towards the theme of the productions. Not only was blue the most consistent colour used on the media productions, we also decided to use it because it was believed to be mostly suggestive of the Grime genre. Doing this helped to build with the overall themes featured within the music video, and the other

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In this step, a gradient was added towards the right hand side of the design, and this created the slight image of an earth-sky composition. Therefore it connoted a more positive sensation among the image as well. Promotional writing of the website and the record label the artist belonged to was also added on the image. The record label logo was towards the image as well.

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With Photoshop brushes available to us, the implementation of black and white buildings were also available to us. This allowed greater connections towards the Grime genre to be created as the buildings appear like they could have derived from certain estates, which are conventional within Grime videos. A bloom effect was also applied by the buildings, to create more positive connotations on the image. This therefore created a nice balance of the positive, almost R&B-looking Wretch towards the epitomising scenery of the estate. And in effect to this, both subversions and endorsements upon the Grime genre were also able to be made.

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Text was also added towards the right hand side of the design, in order to endorse the lyrics of the artist’s main track of the album, ‘Me and You’. The lyrics say “I’m saying I’m sky fly, dark skin galaxy. And with my smile, you can’t stay mad at me”, and therefore this is significant towards the idea of the artist smiling and the sky being formed above the buildings. Effects were then later applied to make the writing appear more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and more visible as well. A blue gradient outline was formed on it, and therefore this was again reflective on the thematic concepts behind the video and design works for the artist.

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The album cover title was finally added on the inlay card, and a multiple amount of effects were added to it to make it as visually gratifying as possible. However the font of this was inconsistent with the rest of the inlay designs, CD covers and poster design and therefore this would be detrimental towards thematic consistency.

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Within this stage, we decided to remove the album title completely due to not only its inconsistency, but its irrelevance towards an inlay card as well. The rest of the writing and logo was also decided to be removed completely from this inlay card, because this was already existent in another one and therefore none of it was actually needed.

Summary: Slideshow of development work for Inlay Card 4

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