Development of GRAYSCALE - BLUE Inlay Card


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Second Inlay Card Development Analysis Enyinna, Mase, Teddy and Shannon

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Within this first step we put Black and White on the image, and then added it upon the Adobe Photoshop program. The image was reflective towards the back of the CD cover and the black and white was relative towards the other designs, therefore this image and effect was chosen to build upon the overall consistency throughout the designs and convey Grime greatly through the feature of the brick wall as well.

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The image was then resized, to make it fit appropriately within the formatted size of the inlay card for the design.

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We then decided to use the ‘Magnetic Lasso’ tool to highlight the areas of clothing upon the artist, and incorporated the colour of the blue onto it in order to incorporate theme colours of Grime. And also to build upon the use of the colour within all of the works our group have created. The record company’s logo was also added on the image, to add to the conventionally official features and look of the design.

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Typography was added within this step to show the artist’s gratitude and appreciation towards his fans and those who were there that supported him; whether musically, morally and spiritually. The ‘Guide’ previously added was also important to ensure that the text was lined up accurately and efficiently.

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The style of writing within the previous step seemed too formal and sophisticated, and therefore not of any direct affiliations towards the Grime genre. Therefore we decided to change it up a bit in order to make sure that it was illustrative towards the audience’s style of this type of music as it looks a bit rougher and less organised. However we also ensured that it wasn’t too unorganised so it wouldn’t be too difficult to read.

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Within this final step, we got rid of the writing reading ‘Wretch 32’ as it was unnecessary towards the design since his name was already existent on the CD cover. Therefore purchasers of the album would already know it when looking through the inlay cards. This also allowed us to fit in more of the writing that was originally on the text, since the writing of his name was taking up too much space and therefore limiting the amount of text severely.

Summary: Slideshow of second inlay card development

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