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A4 Promotional Poster Variation and Billboard Analysis Enyinna, Mase, Teddy and Shannon

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This is the billboard advert we produced to promote the artist. It is very simple and the text is of a very big size, therefore it can be easily read when passer-bys and drivers are going by an area. Therefore it suited it’s purpose well. The only main issue was that the font, although possibly visually pleasing to the eyes, may somewhat be difficult to read and so drivers may have slight errors when trying to identify what some of the words say.

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Within the designs created for the A4 poster, we tried to make it really similar towards the billboard advert in order to make sure that both designs would be easily identifiable with each other. The typography was kept consistent in order to help this happen, and the images are the same as we felt they connoted Grime and ‘underground’ themes very strongly. There is also a tube map in the top right corner to emphasize upon the ‘underground’ themes, and therefore relate more to the genre and the origins of where the artist is from, as it is still apart of him. The main background image of the artist is connotative to the genre because he is wearing conventional clothing, like a baseball cap and jeans (however with some useful subversions towards Hip Hop and R&B still being existent such as the shirt), and the graffiti wall he is leaning on is also illustrative to this type of music since it is featured on many Grime and Hip Hop videos.

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The silhouette image of the artist on the foreground also built upon the conceptuality of the design as it usually can convey the intimidating and scary image that a Grime artist suggests for themselves. However in combination with the rest of the images shown, the silhouette doesn’t appear as menacing as it could, therefore being beneficial of links it has towards the music video. The rough, jagged edges of the outline of the background image also help to highlight upon the stereotypical rough nature of the grime artist. It is un-composed and ‘untamed’, therefore subtly emphasizing on the raw style that is favoured within Grime artists

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Within this development, we decided to change around the fonts of the main texts (being ‘Wretch 32’ and ‘Goin Wretchro’), in order to make it very easy to read as this would ensure the purposes of a poster were being fulfilled. We also did this to increase upon the overall aesthetics of the design, as we thought the thicker writing complemented the poster on a whole. It also endorsed a greater sense of dominance that is conventional to the Grime genre, as the bold writing is illustrative to masculinity. A few pieces of text were also removed in order to get rid of the cluttered appearance that the poster seemed to possess, which was greatly detrimental towards the poster design.

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In this variation of the poster, the background image of the artist shown on the graffiti wall was turned black and white. And this was to possibly increase upon the consistency of this thematic effect being present within the rest of the ancillary designs and video production. It is also to reflect upon Grime music itself, as the black and white effect evokes a more grim and bleak sense towards the design. And this is also conventional and typical to many other Grime music designs and videos.

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The design still seemed to have a very cluttered appearance and therefore our group decided that further changes needed to be made. The silhouette image of the artist was made smaller in order for it to not take up as much space as it previously did and therefore make the poster appear busy. The background image was then also given greater contrast in order to intensify the colours and make it stand out more and be of greater visual attraction to the viewer. The wall behind the artist also had a few effects applied onto it, one being a blur, which we implemented for further aesthetic attraction and to also allow the artist to stand out greater.

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The image of the silhouette was removed within this step as we believed that although it may have been a somewhat likeable feature to the design, it was still restricting the poster from being as proficient as possible. This enabled us to make the poster appear far less busy, and therefore work much more competently for a poster design. The text of the floating quote reading “The album born to epitomise greatness – Grimedaily”, was also altered in colouring to build upon the consistent use of blues within this design and the other ancillary designs.

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Within this development the black and white effect was again added upon the certain image in the design. However with deep consideration, our group decided that this effect was not necessary or essential towards the appearance and therefore chose not to go forth with it.

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At the end we decided to use this variation of the poster design, because it seemed the most visually pleasing, as well as being the most effective towards successfully promoting the artist and advertising his music album.

Summary: Slideshow of Poster and Billboard developments

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