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The United Kingdom

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Other names... Great Britain and Northern Ireland The British Isles

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Where is the UK?

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Different countries... England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland

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What’s the capital of the UK? LONDON The London Eye Big Ben Tower Bridge

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Famous places and events... Stonehenge Buckingham Palace

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Famous places and events... Henley Royal Regatta (rowing) Royal Ascot (horse racing)

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Wimbledon (tennis)

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Film and music... James Bond Dizzee Rascal

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The Royal Family The Queen

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The Prime Minister David Cameron

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What’s the capital of Wales? CARDIFF

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What’s the capital of Scotland? EDINBURGH

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Famous for... Bagpipes Andy Murray Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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Northern Ireland

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What’s the capital of Northern Ireland? BELFAST

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Sport in the UK...

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Rowing!!! Me!

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The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

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