Private Kindergarten „Pod Muchomorkiem


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Private Kindergarten „Pod Muchomorkiem” In Torun

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Private Kindergarten „Pod Muchomorkiem” was established on the 1st September 1991. At the beginning it has been run in Mirosława Rutkowska’s flat – the director of the kindergarten. At the moment kindergarten is situated on Szosa Chelminska Street No. 226 a.

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In kindergarten we have five groups divided according to the age of children. In each group work three teachers and one assistance with pedagogical education. Kindergarten is opened from Monday to Friday. Opening hours are from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with the possibility of extension.

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The Offer of Additional Classes: Within the framework of tuition fee: - English classes, rhythm classes, study playing the flute, chess, theatrical and computer classes, religious education, gymnastic classes. For extra payment: - The School of Memory Development, modern dance, study playing the piano, karate.

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Moreover: Kindergarten has a rich educational and cultural offer. Periodically we organize meetings with ethnic music, therapeutic classes with dogs, meetings with the Music Key, mini-operas, participation in theatrical shows for children.

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Our institution cooperate with music school, Theatre „Zaczarowany Świat”, Theatre „Vaśka”, house of social service, academic grammar school, forest school etc.

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Children Have a Chance to Participate in Periodical Events: - Funfair on the occasion of school year beginning - The Festival of Autumn Song - Santa Claus’s Day (Mikołajki) - Christmas Eve in kindergarten - Grandmother and Grandfather Day - Carnival ball - Valentine’s Day - The First Day of the Spring - Mother and Father’s Day - Children’s Day

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Cooperation With the Local Society: Within the framework of cooperation our kindergarten with local society we organize for children trips to airport, pharmacies, libraries, schools, police station, planetarium etc. We encourage parents to take part in kindergarten’s everyday life. We invite them for open classes and for periodic events.

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In 2005 our kindergarten received an International Certificate of Quality „Friendly Kindergarten”. Kindergarten is also wrote down to European Index of Professionals.

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Contact Us: Private Kindergarten „Pod Muchomorkiem” Szosa Chelminska Street No. 226 a 87-100 Torun Telephone number: (056) 654 56 80 Email:

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