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Top Flex 2 Unit 4 Quantifiers

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Grammar Spot – Page 27 Count x Noncount nouns We use “any” with: Count nouns: There aren’t any bananas left. Noncount nouns: Is there any sugar in the cup? We use “any” in: Questions and negative sentences “ANY” is not used in affirmative sentences!

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We use “much”: With noncount nouns: There isn’t much food in the fridge. There isn’t much cheese left. In questions: How much milk do we need? In negative sentences: I don’t have much money. Much is not used in affirmative sentences.

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We use “many”: With count nouns only: There are many students in this class. I bought many books. In both affirmative and negative sentences: Many students read that book. There weren’t many people at the party. In questions: Do you have many friends in Rio? Are there many movie theaters in Brasilia?

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A few x a little A FEW COUNT NOUNS A LITTLE NONCOUNT NOUNS Both are used in affirmative sentences.

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Complete with “a few” or “a little” Just a little sugar, please. I have a few dollars. She has a little money. There are a few bottles of milk in the fridge. No, there is just a little milk left. There are a few towels in the closet.

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Count or noncount nouns? count count count count count Noncount Noncount Noncount Noncount 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9