Placenta praevia: A brief overview


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Placenta Praevia A brief overview Dr. HO Osazuwa

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Placenta praevia: A Torres at the bridge Obstetric Hemorrhage

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Can we really understand the classification ? Yes we can!

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Are traditional risk factors still relevant? Age and Multi-parity Previous Caesarean section - 10% Uterine scaring – Repeat abortions; Spontaneous or induced, Asherman’s syndrome. Large placentae – Multiple gestation, Diabetic pregnancy & Rhesus iso-immunization.

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Unlike Messi, Trans-abdominal scan is no skeleton key.

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“Classical presentation – painless unprovoked warning vaginal bleeds in the 3rd trimester”

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Principles of Management (McAfee regimen) Premise is conservation management until term Symptomatic Placenta praevia & some cases of Asymptomatic Major placenta praevia (Type III & IV).

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Terminate conservative management

Summary: Placenta praevia is a significant cause of massive obstetric hemorrhage. Vigilance and expert are essential to minimize adverse outcomes for the mother and the baby.

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