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About Rap Songs Rap songs is a chart released weekly by Billboard in the United States. It lists the 25 most popular hip-hop/rap songs, calculated weekly by airplay on radio stations and urban rhythms and sales markets for hip-hop focused or exclusive. From 1989 to 2001, rap songs was based on the amount of single sold in that week. Most weeks at number one was "Hot Boyz" by Missy Elliott, a single that was number one for 16 weeks from December 1999 to March 2000.

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Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Hot R & B / Hip-Hop Songs, is a chart released weekly by Billboard in the United States. The chart, initiated in 1942, is used to track the success of popular music songs in urban, or primarily African American, venues. Dominated over the years at various times by jazz, rhythm and blues, rock and roll, doo-wop, soul, and funk, it is today dominated by contemporary R&B and hip hop. Between 1948 and 1955, there were separate charts published for Best Sellers and Juke Box plays, and in 1955 a third chart was added, the Jockeys chart based on radio airplay.

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rfdsfd Key Steps To Make A Powerful Songs Be yourself : Rap lyrics are all about giving your listeners the truth. So, it is has to be what you believe in and it is your originality which will make you unique from other rappers. Observe: Make observations and try to present your thoughts creatively. Your choice of words is also important. A good tip is to watch stand up comedy shows! Observe how the comedian says the obvious yet differently. Beats: If you have the beats ready, make your lyrics. Generally, one has worked on the beats and shies from writing down lyrics. Don’t fret. Relax and add life to your music with words. Figures of speech: The use of Similes and Metaphors add charm to your lyrics. Contd…

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rfdsfd Title: The title of your song should express what you wish to convey. It should be assertive and clear. You want your listeners to be tuned in! Become a Detective: No Kidding... Seriously!! Become a detective! Explore yourself and the world around you. This will help you make your songs more real Relate: The strength of you hip hop rap lyrics lies in the fact that your listeners and you relate to a feeling or abstract. When you have your listeners tune in, you have music which is a winner. So go on and write your Rap song!.

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Summary: Rap music is nothing but YOUR music. So, the key to successful rap-song is to put in your style in it. The English languages offer us a variety or words used commonly as well as words that are an identity of today. Rap and rap rock music is about making the best of the words we use. Be is Battle rap lyrics – with contrasting ideas or Conscious rap lyrics – generating awareness; the power of Hip Hop music of any form or genre lies in its lyrics.

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