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Instructing a Trainer Course Leave No Trace Education Department May 2011

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Before the Course Trainers Courses are led by individuals who have completed the five-day Master Educator Course by an official Course Provider through the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. Instructors need to have, at minimum, current certification in CPR and First Aid. Instructors should be current members or partners of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

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Before the Course Step 1: Training Agreements Training Agreements are filed once with the Center. Training Agreements ensure that Trainer Course Instructors are following the national guidelines for Leave No Trace Training. They can be submitted an an Individual Master Educator or under an Organization – both are the same form.

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Before the Course Step 1: Training Agreements Download the Training Agreement from the Educational Resources Page on the Leave No Trace website. At the top of the first page, enter the date and either your name (as the individual Master Educator) or the name of the organization through which you are running the course. If you think your organization may have a national agreement on file with the Center, check with the Education Department by emailing

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Before the Course Step 1: Training Agreements On page 3 of the Training Agreement, sign and date the contract with either your name (an an individual Master Educator) or the name of your organization. Email, fax or mail to the Center, Attn: Education Department. The Center’s Education Director will sign on behalf of Leave No Trace. A copy will be filed with the Center and one will be sent back to you. If you have any concerns regarding the content of the agreement, contact the Center and amendments can be made.

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Before the Course Step 2: Insurance Following the guidelines of the Training Agreement, Master Educators need to have liability insurance to run Trainer Courses. Liability insurance can be covered by the organization sponsoring the Trainer Course (the organization on the Agreement). Liability insurance can also be purchased through the Center for individual Master Educators for $65/year. This covers all Trainer Courses, April – April of a given year. Call the Center to purchase liability insurance.

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Before the Course Step 3: Course Materials and Advertising Trainer Courses the are open to the public can be hosted on the Leave No Trace Community Pages. Please send an email to with the following information: Course Date Course Location Intended Audience Cost Description Instructors Gear Registration or contact information

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Before the Course Step 3: Course Materials and Advertising Trainer Course Packets are a great resource for course participants. They are $10.95/piece and can be purchase through the online store – make sure to include this cost in your course tuition. However, there are many great resources that can be downloaded for free or purchased from the Leave No Trace store. Contact for ideas. Material orders should be in about 10 days before your course in due to run. Remember, as a member you receive a 10% discount. Call the Center if you need to expedite and order

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During the Course Step 4: Waivers Conduct the course following the Core Components of a Trainer Course, found in the National Training Guidelines (Educational Resources Page on the Leave No Trace website). If possible, use your Master Educator Handbook as a guide for course structure and flow. Have all participants sign the Leave No Trace Course Release. The most recent version has multiple signature field on page three. Have Fun!!

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After the Course Step 5: Course Reporting Email, fax or mail the Course Release to Leave No Trace, attn: Education Department. Please make sure to complete the course information on the top of the first page, which includes Course Location/Date/Instructor.

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After the Course Step 5: Course Reporting Submit the Course Roster to the Center, using the online reporting form. Please include contact information and fields such as email addresses or phone numbers so we have an easy way to stay in contact with the New Trainers. * *Note: All New Trainers are receiving a complementary membership for their first year. If there are any errors in submission, or you have a specific request (i.e. send all certificates to X address), please email Certificates are mailed out at the end of each month.

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After the Course Congratulations! You have successfully instructed a Leave No Trace Trainer Course.

Summary: Step-by-Step guide for Master Educators on how to organize and conduct a Trainer Course.

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