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Are customers satisfied with our service? How will the market perceive our new product? Are the employees highly motivated? Can we charge more for certain services? Can you imagine getting answers to these questions in record time while hardly using resources?

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2 Now It’s Possible Welcome to the World of Real-Time Solutions

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3 EasyGoingSurvey.com EasyGoingSurvey.com is the top-ranking online survey software in Europe and Latin America. We allow users to quickly and easily create internal and external surveys themselves. Surveys like these are key in any company's decision-making process. With EasyGoingSurvey.com you obtain the information you need in record time! Our software can be used as SaaS (Software as a Service, accessible via web) or In-house (traditional installation in the client’s servers). what is it?

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4 EasyGoingSurvey.com global software 4 More than 400,000 professionals use our software across the globe. EasyGoingSurvey.com is available in seven languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian and Italian): http://www.easygoingsurvey.com http://www.encuestafacil.com http://www.enquetefacil.com http://www.enquetefacile.com http://www.einfacheumfrage.de http://www.prostopros.ru http://www.sondaggiofacile.com Google PageRank: 9/10 EasyGoingSurvey.com´s surveys are launched from more than 50 countries and are answered by people from over 100 different countries.

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5 EasyGoingSurvey.com q Conduct internal and external surveys: Determine satisfaction levels of employees and customers. Uncover habits and consumer trends. Know the market opinion on a product / service. Plan and organize meetings / events, draw conclusions from them. Find out who is visiting you website. Test before releasing something to the market ISO Surveys, etc. q Carry out any type of evaluation: Courses, teachers, events, meetings, workshops, tests, employee performance, 360º, etc... q As a base for creating forms (database creation): Databases (contests, mailing lists, job applications, information requests, etc...) q Generate press notes and/or valuable statistics: “ 88% of our market use (...)” why is it useful?

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6 EasyGoingSurvey.com The entire investigation process in three easy steps what does it let you do? l No installation required, just log online. l No technical knowledge needed. l If you can get online, you can be launching, conducting and managing your own study in a matter of minutes! Design custom made surveys Collect your responses immediately Analyze results in real time

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7 How it works Step 1 - Design tailor-made questionnaires Intuitive survey wizard allows anyone to create a survey in just 5 minutes. how do you create a survey? Design From scratch Using premade templates (over 50 varieties) Copying a survey you previously made Over 18 question types. Customization (adding logos, corporate colors, images, videos, etc.). Obligatory questions. Filter questions, dynamic questions, logic operation. Conduct surveys in any LANGUAGE (unicode), personalized system messages and navigation bottoms.

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8 How it works Step 2 – Instantly collect your responses how do you collect responses? Invitation Methods Link in E-mail / Call Center Ex.: clients, distributors, students, employees and other contacts Button / iframe / Pop-up Ex.: Visitors to your website You can embed the survey within your web site, as if it were part of the design or content PDA / Internet Kiosk / Public PC / Paper surveys Ex.: High foot traffic in trade shows, shopping centers, stores, etc. l E-mail: l Mobile Devices / Internet Kiosks / Public-use PCs: l Pop up / Button / iframe (embed the survey within your website): l Paper Survey: l Call Center:

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9 How it works Step 3 – Analyze results in real-time how do you obtain the results? Reports Frequency charts. Interactive Excel graphs. Filter the results. Ability to see results / search questionnaire to questionnaire. Results download (in CSV format, used by Excel, SPSS and similar programs). Statistical analysis in REAL TIME Share the survey’s results. Decide between: Private or public

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10 How it works Survey Management Control Panel – A useful and intuitive tool how do you manage the surveys? New Survey. Edit Survey. Survey Options. Collection Methods. My Surveys List displaying all surveys Questionnaires submitted Questionnaires completed Questionnaires deleted Creation date Status of the survey Visualize the results. Empty a survey. Delete a survey. File / organize your surveys in folders

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11 Templates over 50 variations Marketing & Sales Human Resources General Training l Customer satisfaction (service) l Customer satisfaction (product) l Customer service satisfaction l Price test l Product name test l Product test l Advertising efficiency l Work environment l 360-degree assessment l Exit interview l Candidate assessment l Performance evaluation l Employee satisfaction l Meeting feedback l Event planning l Service cancellation l Subscription cancellation l Database forms l Internal training and professional development l Workshop assessment l E-learning course evaluation

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12 Templates over 50 variations Web Pages Services NGOs Academic Institutes l Customer satisfaction (service) l Visitor profile l Image and positioning l Visitor satisfaction (general) l Visitor satisfaction (e-trade) l Satisfaction with customer service (e-trade) l Content survey (newspaper or digital journal) l Hospital patient satisfaction survey l Restaurant customer satisfaction survey l Bank Branch customer satisfaction survey l Hotel or lodge satisfaction l Holiday / trip planning l Party planning l Shareholder survey l Volunteer satisfaction l Volunteer recruitment l Teacher evaluation l Course evaluation l Student satisfaction l Teacher satisfaction

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13 Technology ASP - Application Service Provider SaaS – Software as a Service Constantly updating and adapting to the customers´ needs. Proprietary technology Daily backup copies Scalability and redundant servers Permanent monitorization Encrypted database Restrictive firewall policy Online customer support Secure site available

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14 Purchasing options packages offered Easy Going Research Gold Package No. of surveys & responses: unlimited Results viewing limit per survey: unlimited responses 1 year: $349 USD. Includes the same features as the subscription plus custom branding options. Personalized survey domains are available (no reference to EasyGoingSurvey.com in your survey). *tax not included. All accounts include Unlimited # of surveys Unlimited # of responses Unlimited # of questions per survey Customer Service Results viewing limit: Number of the visible responses for each survey. With the purchase of a superior package you can view any additional responses. Response: Response to a survey (questionnaire) with at least one question answered. Subscription No. of surveys & responses: unlimited Results viewing limit per survey: unlimited responses 30 days: $9.99 USD 1 year: $99.99 USD

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15 Purchasing options my own solution Enterprise Survey Software: Through the EasyGoingSurvey.com software use license, you can have your own survey platform. All features of our application are customized in your servers and in ours. This product is designed for companies and institutions which, for different reasons, (privacy policy, volume, number of administrators, etc.) need a technological solution to manage their studies. Features: Unlimited no. of administrators and users Unlimited no. of surveys Unlimited no. of responses Results management – online reports, online graphs, Excel graphs, results export (Excel, Access, SPSS,..), filters in the results, etc. Integration with other enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, etc.). Complex survey elaboration and data collection system Domain customization -- Ex: surveys.mycompany.com, satisfaction.mycompany.com, etc. Training Maintenance Updates 24x7 technical support Prices vary in accordance with the level of personalization, catered to your company’s unique needs. Consult Us

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16 some of our clients EasyGoingSurvey.com

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17 EasyGoingSurvey.com CSR Corporate Social Responsibility Academic collaboration program Allows Universities and Post-Graduate Centers throughout the world to use www.EasyGoingSurvey.com completely free - students, faculty and staff. Agreement signed with UNIVERSIA / Santander Bank. NGOs collaboration program Allows NGOs throughout the world to use www.EasyGoingSurvey.com completely free. Environmental commitment Within the last year, www.EasyGoingSurvey.com has been used to conduct 3,157,895 surveys, which means 63,158 kilograms. (138,891lbs.) of paper were spared. 1,895 trees would have been needed to conduct paper surveys of that quantity. The best news is that, each day, more and more companies are using www.EasyGoingSurvey.com and helping to maintain our environment at the same time.

Summary: EasyGoingSurvey.com lets users create simple to complex surveys with an unlimited number of questions and the ability to see results in real time. Users can create surveys by selecting from various pre-made templates or by designing their very own from scratch, including custom colors, logos, images, etc. EasyGoingSurvey.com provides numerous response collecting methods, including e-mails links, website links, pop-ups, buttons, etc., and then provides real-time results in graphic form. EasyGoingSurvey.com offers three subscription types, each with varying features, ranging from the free account, to the subscription, to the EasyGoingResearch package. Additionally, collaboration programs are offered to NGOs and academic institutes across the globe. http://www.EasyGoingSurvey.com

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