Friendly Letter


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Friendly Letter Format Created by Jennifer Duarte

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Friendly Letter Greeting (Salutation) The Body Closing

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Greeting or Salutation The Opening Use “Dear”_______ followed by a comma Samples: Dear Amy, Dear Mr. Brown, Dear Tom,

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The Body Main part of letter Includes what you want to tell the person you are writing The biggest part Is indented Move in from the left

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Closing Start with a general closing Put a comma after the closing Sign your name under the closing Samples Best wishes, Kind regards, Take care,

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Other closings… Sincerely, God bless, 
Love, With love, Yours sincerely,
 Yours faithfully,
 Yours truly, Yours ever, Yours respectfully, Cordially, Regards, Warm regards, Be well, With warmth,

Summary: This powerpoint was used to explain the friendly letter format to my students. They created a foldable based on the information. We used this to create our holiday letters and their epals emails.

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