BUILD update on progress 26 May 2011


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Update on progress LRBC Church meeting 26 May 2011

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The journey continues….. The main contractor T.J. Evers took possession of the site on Tuesday 3 May. The contractual completion date is Monday 5 December 2011

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Site Set Up Part of the church garden is now the Contractor’s compound. The other part has been made safe for the Pre-school children to play in

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Programme Work has commenced in the boiler room. The old boiler has been removed and new boilers will be installed over the coming weeks.

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Programme Demolition works started on Wednesday. The first job is to strip the premises of timber Next week the demolition of the Parlour will commence.

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Programme The first Site Meeting takes place on Wednesday 1 June. The Development Team are meeting with the architect on Thursday 9 June to agree and finalise areas of savings

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Outstanding issues Fan convector heaters in the Sanctuary Garden

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Funding Gifts & Pledges (May) £711,000 Includes Housing Association and Cory pledges - 70.4% of total costs Grants – Garfield Weston Foundation CORY Agreement Fund-raising events

Summary: An update on progress for Leigh Road Baptist Church BUILD project as given by Jane Brookes at the church meeting 26 May 2011

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