The Christmas Game


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Kindergarten no 5 in Glogow / POLAND The Christmas Game The race game from Poland The authors of the game are: 4 year old children & the teacher Agnieszka Krakowiak

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Children prepare the content and the rules of the game. They prepared the accessories for the game. This game can play whole class or a few children. Values: Children solve mathematical problems of emotional character. Children are very satisfied when they play the game. They have designed and prepared themselves which helps them to cope with a possible defeat. Children have an opportunity to enjoy the time of Christmas holiday.

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The children planned six tasks: Reconstruct rhytm according to example. Put the pictures into hoop, according to the numbers you saw. Arrange the puzzles. Sort the Christmas decorations: toys, animals Sing and play Christmas song. Draw the lacking parts of the painting

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Red Team sat down on the left side of a carpet. Yellow Team sat down on the right side of the carpet. Space for the game.

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1st task: We reconstruct rhytms

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I think that it is well done !

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2dn task: we put the pictures into hoop: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

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You can count them.

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3rd task: we arrange the puzzles: Christmas tree, Christmas bells…

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The girls are Christmas trees On the first tree we put the toys, on the second one we put the animals. 4th task: We decorate Christmas tree.

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Now, we have two charming Christmas trees.

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5th task: we sing and play Christmas song.

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6th task: We have to finish the illustrations… …Christmas ball, Christmas tree, Christmas star and Christmas Angel.

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Finish! Close to the Christmas tree are presents for every team.

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Congratulations! and Thank You :)

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In the bags we found elements of the Christmas decorations. Now, we will decorate our classroom. EXIT

Summary: from Poland

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