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"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children.“ Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa 

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Protecting Children Strengthening Families Securing Futures

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We are dedicated to the challenge of providing children the opportunity to grow in a safe, nurturing, and permanent family.

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Athens County Children’s Home Athens County Children Services was founded in 1876 when philanthropist John S. Fowler started a fundraising drive to build a children's home for Athens County.

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ACCS Board Community volunteers appointed by the Athens County Commissioners The Board sets policy and acts as the stewards and trustees of Athens County Children Services

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2011 ACCS Board Members Nancy Schell, Chair Mary Mitchell Paula Carpenter Chris Innis Lacy Russell Barry Oches, Ph.D

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Agency Services Our services are based upon state and federal laws as well as the fundamental principle that each child has the right to grow and develop with his or her own family in a safe, nurturing, and stable home.

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Agency Services We are committed to: Child protection Community awareness and parent education Other services to reduce the number of families needing our protective services

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Intake - Reports of Abuse and Neglect Suspected child abuse or neglect is often brought to our attention by a neighbor, family member, or friend. We also receive reports from health care professionals, teachers, daycare workers, attorneys, ministers and others who are required by Ohio law to report suspected abuse or neglect.

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Intake - Reports of Abuse and Neglect In 2010, there were 1360 calls to the agency reporting child abuse and neglect. Of these 1360 calls, 446 of these reports were investigated for child abuse and neglect.

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Family Services Family services caseworkers work with the family and community to help mobilize the resources required to strengthen the family unit.

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Family Services Every effort is made to help the family make positive changes in order to ensure the children remain in a safe environment. If a child's safety is compromised, Juvenile Court may order the child's removal from the home. When that occurs, actions are taken to reduce the risk of harm so the child may be able to return home.

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Family Services In 2010.. 42 children who were out of the home were reunified with their parents 79 families on average served each month by the Family Services Units 13 children found a temporary home with a kinship placement

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Family Support Unit Parent educators work with an average of 16 families per month Family support workers monitored 1373 visits in 2010 The FSU has three sub units: parent mentors, visitation, and School Social Workers

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Kinship Services Athens County Children Services is committed to children remaining with family members whenever possible when they cannot stay with their parents. In 2010, a Kinship Caseworker was added to ACCS program staff. In 2010, 60 kinship home studies were completed.

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Foster Parenting Homes are needed for children of all ages.

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Foster Parenting & Adoption We need parents who have faith in themselves and in children. Parenting is a tough job. It can take a while to see the rewards, but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing those rewards.

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Foster Care in 2010 46 licensed foster homes, including 6 newly-licensed homes 103 inquiries about foster care and adoption

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Foster Parenting “My goal,” says Beitzel, “is to provide care for the young, making sure they are safe, secure and loved. Each child is different – you just have to feel out their personality and their needs and go from there.”

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Adoption We work to bring together children (primarily those with special needs) who are available to be adopted and people who want to build families through adoption. Because adoption is a lifelong process, we also provide services to help adoptive families remain strong through the years. Counseling and support is also offered to birth parents.

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Adoption 22 adoptions were finalized in 2010 At the end of 2010, there were 41 children waiting for a family of their own

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Voluntary program for Ohio's expectant parents, newborns, infants and toddlers that provides health and developmental services so children start school healthy and ready to learn

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School Social Workers "It gives kids a chance to get the help and support that some kids may never have if it weren't for School Social Workers." - Parent "It is wonderful to have someone be a go-between" between home and school." - Teacher Serving an average of 33 families per month in the Trimble, Federal Hocking and Athens school districts!

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Juvenile Justice Programs This program is a partnership between ACCS and the Athens County Juvenile Court. POSITRACT is a crisis intervention and diversion program for youth 13-18 which seeks to provide solutions to behavior problems by working with the youth, family, schools, and court. Referrals may be received from parents, school, clergy, law enforcement and court.

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Domestic Relations Clinic: “Children in the Middle“ In 2010, a total of 149 parents participated in the clinic Presented to divorcing parents residing in Athens County in cooperation with the Domestic Relations Court of Athens County. Athens County Children Services provides this service in order to prevent the emotional abuse of children which often results from being caught in the middle of conflict between their parents.

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Volunteer Opportunities ACCS is committed to a dynamic volunteer program. This program includes social work interns, public relations/advertising interns, AmeriCorps volunteers, as well as many volunteer opportunities at agency events.

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ACCS in the community Lace Up For Kids Santa Tree Kidfest Ohio University Homecoming Parade Athens County Fair Kid’s Day

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Athens County Fair Kids Day!

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Athens County Children Services 2009 Expenses 36% 48% 16%

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Athens County Children Services 2009 Revenue 56% 3% 7% 34% 55% 39% 4% 2%

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ACCS appreciates the support of the Athens community! The primary funding source for Athens County Children Services is a 3-mill ten-year property tax levy approved by the voters in 2005 and a 2-mill ten-year property tax levy approved by the voters in 2010. These funds allow ACCS to be responsive to the needs of the community.

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