Istrian Orchids - Croatia


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Croatia - Istrian Orchids

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Istria Istrian Orchids Photos: DragoKarlo For Mrs. Nada K.G.

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Orchids (Orchideaceae) are the second largest family of flowering plants and evolutionary are young group of plants monocotyledons. Botanists know about 1,000 genera with about 25,000 species. Orchids inhabit almost all habitats, they are not only under extreme conditions. In spite of that individual are rare. In Europe, growing only 1% of all species, about 250 species. In Croatia, it is estimated that there are about 150 species. By number of species and population density, Istria is one of the richest habitats of orchids in Europe. In Istria, there are about 80 species of orchid, the area provides high orchid index (ratio of number of species toward the surface) of 25.3. For comparison it should be mentioned that Croatia has an orchid index 3.0. Although widespread along the whole of Istria, the richest site of orchids is the extreme south of Istria, the peninsula Kamenjak, which was declared a significant landscape. click to continue

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Spiranthes spiralis

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Platanthera chlorantha

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Orchis purpurea

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Ophrys sphegodes

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Aceras anthropophorum

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Anacamptis piramidalis

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Cephalanthera longifolia

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Limodorum abortivum - šiljorep

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Ophrys bertolonii Moretti

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Serapias lingua

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Serapias istriaca

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Orchis morio

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Orchis papilionacea grandiflora

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Ophrys fuciflora

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Orchis papilionacea

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Ophrys bombyliflora

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Gymnadenia conopsea

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Ophrys insectifera

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Orchis laksiflora

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Orchis simia

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Orchis militaris

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Orchis ustulata

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Orchis tridentata

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Himantoglossum adriaticum – jadranska kozonoška

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