The friends


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The friends

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Once upon a time under the Wawel hill there lived the last dragon on the Earth.

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Cracov dwellers loved and respected him.

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He protected the city from enemies and wild animals.

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He was very smart, because he has been living since immemorial times.

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He eagerly shared with everyone his wise advices and helped in hard situations.

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Once he got an information that bad Dracula kidnaped and imprisoned a beautiful girl,

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without a second thought he flew to german Harz mountains, where his friends – dwarfs lived to think about a liberation plan together .

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The Wawel Dragon flew to German Harz mountains and met his friends, the 7 Dwarfs

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The 7 Dwarfs promised immediate to help. They proposed to look for Snow White. “She is probably shopping in a shopping center in Berlin”, they said.

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They took all place on the back of the Dragon and they flew to Berlin.

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They looked at Saturn, at Deichmann and Real. Finally, they found Snow White with many shopping bags on H & M. They told Snow White about the kidnapped girl. “We have to help her!” she exclaimed.

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“I have an Idea, do you remember my evil stepmother? She had poisoned an apple and dressed as a peddler she gave me the apple. I will go to Count Dracula's castle also dress up and make him sleeping.

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“If he sleeps, we can make the beautiful girl free.” On the back of the Dragon flew Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs to the castle in Romania.

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Somewhere in Romania…

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There was a castle…

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Where lived Count Dracula, a famous vampire… He usually catch good characters from stories …

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His beloved character was the good daughter from “The old woman’s daughter and the old man’s daughter” … The good daughter must to tell him one story in each night. But one day she finished her stoires.…

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Polish folktales So, she find an old book with polish folktales …

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And read about Wawel dragon, who is wise and smart … she call him and ask to help , to escape from the castle ..…

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And so on , The Dragon called the 7 dwarfs, as the story said...…

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When the Snow White came with the 7 dwarfs, the Count Dracula have dinner…

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Just in time .The apple was so good after a good meal . He ate the apple quickly. And, finally he died. …

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Now, the good daughter was free and as a reward they go to a trip in Turkey.

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Snow White ,7 Dwarfs, Dragon and the good daughter came to Istanbul, Turkey. They all wanted to look around as theycame to Turkey for holiday.

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While walking, Snow White saw an excellent statue and went beside it. She was nearer to statue but at the same time further to it. She went further and further. Soon, she understood that she was lost. She was frightened.

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While thinking what to do , she saw a giant. This giant was hunting people. However, it didn’t hunt Snow White. She was so beautiful that it fell in love with her.

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It took the girl to its palace “ Kız Kulesi”. Kız Kulesi was located in the sea.

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In that palace, there was a smart, wise man called KELOĞLAN. He did all his work in an order and planned every detail in his works. He was usually walking around the palace in his free times.

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The giant was so dangerous that Keloğlan had to watch and prevent it from doing harmful things. One day, while walking around the palace as usual, Keloğlan dropped his ring and started to look for it.

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During that time, Snow White was sitting on a stair and crying. Then, she saw a ring on the stairs and took it.

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Fortunately, Keloğlan and Snow White met near the stairs. It was the first time they met and they fell in love with each other at the first sight.

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Snow White wanted help from Keloğlan. They made a plan and decided to run away together. Keloğlan took Snow White from the palace that night.

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They found 7 Dwarfs , the good daughter and the Dragon in the city center. They told all their story.

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Keloğlan and the Snow White loved each other alot . They got married in a very short time and lived happily with their friends ever after 

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