Daily advanced cae and proficiency idioms, phrasal verbs, slang and sayings with pictures 07-14-2011.


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Daily advanced cae and proficiency idioms, phrasal verbs, slang and sayings with pictures. BASIC VOCABULARY. 07-15-2011. BLOG WITH RESOURCES FOR LEARNING ENGLISH. http://www.madremiraqueluna.blogspot.com

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Caterpillar. Caterpillar [countable] trademark also Caterpillar track a metal belt made of short connected pieces that is fastened over the wheels of a heavy vehicle to help it to move over soft ground: a Caterpillar tractor (=a vehicle fitted with this belt)

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Timer. tim‧er [countable] 1 an instrument that you use to measure time, when you are doing something such as cooking: Set the timer on the cooker for three minutes. 2  part-timer/full-timer someone who works part or all of a normal working week

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Asparagus. as‧par‧a‧gus [uncountable] a long thin green vegetable with a point at one end

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Cheetah. chee‧tah [countable] a member of the cat family that has long legs and black spots on its fur, and can run extremely fast

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A volte-face.01 Meaning: If you make a volte-face, you change your opinion or your decision about something to the exact opposite of what it was. For example: When Nancy became a born-again Christian, she made a volte-face in her views on abortion and now she thinks it's wrong. For some reason the government has done a volte-face on the dam proposal. They'd rejected it until last week, and then they suddenly said they'd build it after all.  Note: This idiom means the same as "about-face", but "volte-face" is more formal.  Origin: This phrase derives from the Italian "voltafaccia", as in "volta" (turn) and "faccia" (face). It was adopted by the French, who changed it to "volte-face", and then it was adopted into formal English.

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A volte-face.02 Quick Quiz: After all the controversy about the violence in the movie, the cinema showing it did a volte-face and decided A.-to show it anyway B.-not to show it C.-to cut screenings to one a day Picture source http://www.idioms4you.com/

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Poof, poofter. 01. Meaning: an offensive, derogatory word meaning a gay man For example: Everybody thought Gavin was a poof because he liked classical music and going to the ballet.  Boys in my high school used to go "poofter bashing". They'd find a guy in the park they thought was gay, and they'd beat him up.

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Poof, poofter. 02 Quick Quiz: The words "poof" and "poofter" are offensive words used by hateful bigots in order to insult A.-Christians B.-Jewish people C.-gay men and boys Image source: community.livejournal.com

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Keep from.01 Meaning: If something or someone keeps you from doing something, it means you can't do it. For example: keep sb from sth Are you busy? I don’t want to keep you from your work. keep sb from doing sth Most parents find it very difficult to keep their kids from eating unhealthy snacks.

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Keep from.02 Some parents Keep their children from studying because they are on holidays. Quick Quiz: My wife and I try to keep our children from A.-doing their homework B.-playing computer games too much C.-learning English PICTURE SOURCE: nurdianakamalul.blogspot.com

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 01. Possible interpretation: If something is not faulty or damaged, don't try to repair it. Note: ain't (verb): [contraction of] am not, are not, is not | broke (adj.): broken; damaged; faulty | fix (verb): repair; mend | The British English equivalent of this saying is: "Let well alone." Origin: American businessman Bert Lance (born 1931) writing in Nation's Business (1977). Variety: This is typically used in American English but may be used in other varieties of English too.

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 02. SOURCE: Quick Quiz: The saying "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" implies that if your watch is running on time you should A.-take it in for maintenance B.-sell it C.-do nothing Picture source: xtri.com

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Sources. http://madremiraqueluna.blogspot.com www.englishclub.com Longman Dictionary of contemporary English for advanced learners. Pictures from the web sites written at the bottom of them.

Summary: Idiom, phrasal verb, saying, slang, vocabulary with pictures.

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