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xiby (7 years ago)

I had never seen this show. I just can't imagine how one feels when creating such a presentation with the subject of a loss of a friend in tragic circumstances. You did a great job Doina and the choice of music rendered the PPS even more dramatic. This is 1 year old. Why have you stopped uploading you have so many shows?

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One So Dear To Me… From Life To Death

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My close friend… A brilliant scientist with a promising future… He was only 35 when he was killed in an automobile accident… With what words can one console the family? How to explain such “young” deaths?

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He was our son, the apple of our eyes So affectionate, obedient and dutiful In our old age, thought he’d take care of us Dear Lord, how can You do this? Why did You take him away from us? One So Dear To Me…

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He was my friend, philosopher and guide Someone with whom I could enjoy and share When needed thought he’d always be there Tell me Lord, Why did You do this? Took him away, one so special to me?

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He was my partner and my companion for life So loving, caring, kind and patient Thought he will be with me forever Dear Lord, How could You be so cruel? Took him away, one who was bound to me?

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He was my dear father and my beacon So doting, playful, used to make me laugh Thought he’d be around to see me bloom Tell me Lord, why did You do this? Snatched him away, one so needed by me?

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I hear you all, please try to understand Each one of you is a part of Me I send each one of you down to earth With an opportunity and a challenge To become a perfect soul to please Me

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As a grain in a shell becomes a pearl As coal, under pressure, turns into a diamond Each soul, is expected, during life’s journey To be polished into a clear shining mirror Reflecting the Glory of Me.

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He was eager and conscious of his purpose I saw My Self in him, sooner than expected Hear Me! Mother, Daughter, Partner and Friend Please do forgive Me; I had to take him back Because he became equally dear to Me!

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avalok One So Dear To Me… Text’s effects and images: DOINA Lyrics: avalok Music: ERA - Impera

Summary: From LIFE to Death

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