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jamesfromtennessee12 (2 years ago)

I like your presentation.No joke.I am a english researcher so my goal is to help people make stuff better.So,you do give people an excellent picture.However,there's one flaw.You don't have a good explanation on why there were made or what the events had to do with nazi germany.So,excellent work just work on your explanations okay.Don't worry,it will still be shared by me.It was excellently structured for my research.Thank you.It helps.

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“Entartete Kunst” “Degenerate Art” in Nazi Germany Munich, 1937

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Otto Freundlich “The New Man” Died in Lublin-Maidanek concentration camp after being captured by Gustapo while trying to escape occupied France.

Slide 7

Viewing “Entartete Kunst”

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Adolf Hitler

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Slide 10

Adolf Ziegler

Slide 11

“Degenerate Art” Poster

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Slide 13

Karl Schmidt Rottluf

Slide 14

Eric Heckel

Slide 15

Max Beckmann

Slide 16


Slide 18


Slide 20

George Grosz

Slide 25


Slide 26

Egon Scheile

Slide 27

Kathy Kolwitz

Slide 28

Franz Marc

Slide 29

Otto Dix

Slide 30

Paula Moderson Becker

Slide 31

Emil Nolde

Slide 32


Slide 33

“The Great German Art Exhibition”

Slide 35

Hubert Lanzinger

Slide 51

Earnst Liebermann

Summary: “Degenerate Art” in Nazi Germany vs. Their definition of what art should be.

Tags: “degenerate art” in nazi germany vs. their definition of what art should be.

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