Using webtools to develop the 4 skills


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record video or audio only share the link or embed it send messages to students students can answer questions listening dictation students can tell a story students can comment on a topic students can read a text

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Ana Maria Menezes

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How do students learn nowadays?

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by Kiran Budhrani

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Writing Speaking Listening Reading SKILLS

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Voki Recordr Voicethread Audioboo

Slide 8 create avatars Students record themselves Listening dictation Teacher can record questions Presentation of topic

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Recordr Video or audio

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Voicethread interactivity

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Typewithme Livetyping Letterpop Bitstrips

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Longer texts

Slide 16 Comic Strips - Bitstrips

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Learn w/ Newspapers Teleprompter American stories ESL

Slide 18 Learn with Newspapers

Slide 19 Teleprompter

Slide 20 American stories (text + mp3)

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Lyrics Training 10 Questions TIME English Attack Listen and Write

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My Virtual CV

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Summary: ppt used to introduce the book with the same name.

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