Homework Assignments Using Web 2


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Ask question: how do you see it? How do you think your students see it?

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Ask question: how do you see it? How do you think your students see it?

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Homework Assignments Using Web 2.0: Moving Beyond Workbooks Ana Maria Menezes Andressa Cardoso

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Homework Facts Homework’s Popularity has swung back and forth over the years. Studies indicate that the amount of homework assigned is increasing. Homework is one of the least studied topics in education. Homework is one of the main ways parents gain insight about what’s going on in school.

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Questions for Reflection What kind of homework do you usually assign? What skills do the assignments favor? How do your students react when you assign homework? How can you keep students motivated in class and out of class?

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Different Perspectives – Homework Experience Educators Consolidate content explored in class Improve and promote student’s responsibility A major source of anxiety Students Waste of time. Open door to cheating and copying. A major source of struggle.

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Homework Experience- Assignments Educators Uninspiring Unrealistic

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Homework Experience- Gap in and out of class Advanced Technology In class Old models of homework

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Homework Experience- Skills Mostly reading and writing Potential to work the 4 skills.

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Workbooks Ipods Compositions Webtools Developing the 4 skills Recipe Web 2.0

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Different Perspectives – Homework Experience Educators Add another dimension to what is learned in class Create new opportunities for dialogue Increase and enhance input and intake of English Develop 4 skills + Sharing Students Connect to their worlds Develop a pattern of self-learning. Empower students with new century skills. Change of

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Our Space - EDMODO

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Sharing with parents

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http://voki.com Challenge #1

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http://writecomics.com Challenge #2

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http://recordr.tv/ Challenge #3

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Challenge #4 http://www.stixy.com/guest/111291

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Challenge #5 http://fotobabble.com

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Challenge #6 http://audioboo.fm/

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Challenge #7 http://goanimate.com/

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Challenge #8 http://livetyping.com/

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Challenge #9 http://www.voki.com

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Challenge #10 http://voicethread.com/

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Moving Beyond Workbooks Wiki http://movingbeyondworkbooks.wikispaces.com

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What kind of homework do you prefer?

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Webtools WHY? “Because it’s much faster and I use what I learned in class in practice.” “Because it’s a fun way to do homework” “Because you have to do something that is fun and cool, and it’s like playing. And workbook is a WORK book, teenagers don’t like work, we already do it in school. Listening to their voices

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“Because these kinds of exercises make us increase our vocabulary and also help us to be more creative, because the workbook has the answers at the end of the book , so many students just look at it and don’t learn a thing.” “I think workbook exercises is faster. But when I have more time and want to study, I prefer exercises using webtools because I think I learn more, I listen me talking, reading …”

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“Because when we do exercises in the internet we can move beyond the writing and reading in class and besides that we stay more interested in learning English.” “Because it’s harder to forget and cooler to do, however, it takes time to sign up for the challenges.” “Because I’m always on the computer so it’s better and all the exercises are different.”

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WORKBOOK “Because the students have the answers at the end of the book to compare with their answers.” “Webtools are boring because most people don’t have a microphone so it’s difficult.” “Because it’s easier and doesn’t take time.” “Because it’s more practical and simple.”

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What challenge did you enjoy the most?

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What challenge did you enjoy the least? “The ones which I have to record, because it’s embarassing.”

Summary: ppt used during presentation in Buenos Aires.

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