Things They Have No Right To Tell You


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Things They Have No Right to Tell You

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All of my relationships have failed, but here's what you should do about yours.

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I've never written a book, but here's a list of everything that's wrong with yours.

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My business failed, but here's how you should run yours.

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My blog has five readers, but here's some free advice on how to attract attention.

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I have almost no experience in doing anything that matters, but you should hire me to manage your social media campaign.

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Picasso didn't know how to draw, and Van Gogh was a fraud. I know this because I took an art history class in college.

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I traveled to Mexico once; let me tell you all about the world.

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My unfinished novel is brilliant, but the editors in traditional publishing don't recognize quality.

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People just can't acknowledge my talent.

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Nobody understands my genius. It's all a scam.

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Here's my subjective experience, which I will now objectify for you as universal truth.

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My definition of success is the only one that matters,

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,,,even though it has shifted over time in accordance with my unique journey through life.

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I have no space in my brain to accommodate the fact that your experience might be completely different than mine.

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Sorry,,, I nearly forgot one thing,,,

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A sunset is merely a scientific phenomenon.

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Source; The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau Sunsets by Music by Slideshow by Wayne Kronz

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