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PMAAAI Sports Committee Program and Budget CY 2011 29 March 2011

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Sequence of Presentation Composition of 2011 PMAAAI Sports Com 2011 PMAAAI Sportsfest and Family Day Objectives Tentative Schedule of Calls: 09-10-11 Sports Com Sub Committees Games/Sports Events Awards/ Uniform/ Food Prep Site/Venue Estimated Attendees Budget proposal

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2011 PMAAAI Sportsfest and Family Day Tentative Schedule 09 October 2011, (Second SUNDAY of the month) Venue GHQ Grandstand and Parade Ground, CGEA, QC GOHAS MVP Participants All Cavaliers and Dependents Tentative Schedule of Activities 0600 - 1500

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Objectives Re-Live the Company Spirit and Company mates from the different branch of services to bond and work together “Family Fun Day” or Sportsfest in a fiesta-like atmosphere Enhance camaraderie Competition will be more of enjoyment (Winning is second to the Love of the Game) Minimize expenditures without sacrificing the overall intent of the activity

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Schedule of Calls: 09-10-11

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Schedule of Calls: 09-10-11

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Sports Com Sub Committees Steering Committee – designated by Sports Com LTC SEQUITIN and two other Cavaliers Program/Invitation - PN Chapter CAPT MEDINA – LCDR RACACHO (CAV FAJARDO ‘90) Raffle/Entertainment – PA CHAPTER COL SABARRE, MAJ CARIN (CAV SUDERIO .93/ CAV ALMAGRO ‘93) Games - PAF CHAPTER COL ELPEDES, MAJ PABILONIA (CAV SIMEON FELIX ‘88) Food Preparation - PCG CHAPTER LCDR YBANEZ, LCDR SUPANGAN Site Preparation – PNP CHAPTER SSUPT CATIIS ‘85 (CAV NATIVIDAD ’90/ CAV RECINTO ‘98)

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Games Inter Company Cheering Competition Puzzle Relay Relay Race on Wheels Pasan Namin ang Daigdig Paintball Force on Force Centipede Race Obstacle Course Ayusin mo, Plebo! Game of the Generals

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Games Cavaliers and Dependents will be grouped by Companies. – 8 teams: A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H 8 teams to play in 8 events Winners in each event will be awarded Major A; runner up awarded Minor A; banner to be pinned to the Coy Flag Game of the Generals – will be played by Generals according to Chapter/BOS Cavalier Category Firsties – Elders, Class 51- Class 1981 Cows - Classes 1982– 1991 Yearlings – Classes – 1992 to 2001 Plebes – Classes 2002 – 2011

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Awards Over-all Champion will be the team with the highest cumulative points gained from each event Prizes for Members of Winning Teams Best in Cheering

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Bravo Shirt Y-neck Micro Shiny Upper Shirt Athletic Shirt with short Sleeve Company Color Micro Shining Fabric Company Seal in Right Front Side PMAAAI logo at the back Service Shortpants Uniform

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Food Preparation Centralized food preparation/ordering Meals and snacks to be catered by fastfood companies Stubs to be distributed

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Site Plan Grandstand A B E F C D G H Food Booths Registration Parking Area Portalets Parade Ground EVENTS AREA

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Estimated Nr of Attendees Cavaliers per Company per Chapter Guests and Support Personnel = 150

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Estimated Nr of Attendees Dependents per Company per Chapter

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Sub Committee Updates Program and Invitation Raffle Prizes/Entertainment Food Preparation Site Preparation Games

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Budget Proposal Site Preparation - PHP 38, 500 Food Committee - 44,100 Program Committee - 16,200 Games Committee - 42,000 Raffle&Prizes Committee - 21,000 Contingency 38,200 TOTAL PHP 200,000

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Thank You!

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Games/ Events: Initial List Cheering Competition Puzzle Relay on Wheels Pasan Namin Ang Daigdig Paintball “ Force on Force” Centipede Race Obstacle Course Ayusin mo, Plebo! Game of the Generals

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Games 8 events Winner in each event will be awarded Major A; runner up awarded Minor A; banner to be pinned to the Coy Flag Cavalier Category Firsties – Class 51- Class 1980 Cows - Classes 1981 – 1990 Yearlings – Classes – 1991 to 2000 Plebes – Classes 2001 – 2010

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Games Allocation of Points per event 1st Place – 5 points 2nd Place – 3 points 3 rd Place – 2 points Finishers – 1 points Non- finisher – no point Over-all Champion will be the team with the highest cumulative points

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Games: Cheering Mechanics Each company to present not more than 5 minutes of company cheer Props or gadgets maybe used Anything goes In case of tie, result will be the tiebreaker Best cheering team wins special award Player Requirements Minimum of 15 players per company per team Eqpt/Pers Requirements 3 judges

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Games: Puzzle Mechanics Puzzle of jigsaw pieces forming pictures will be assembled by teams with 5 members First team to complete the puzzle wins Player Requirements 5 Eqpt Requirements 8 half – size plywoods cut into 16 jigsaw pieces

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Puzzle .

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Games: Relay on Wheels Mechanics Team of 5 members will perform a series of relays with a distance of 200 m each for a wheelchair; a scooter, a mountain bike; a twist car, and a tire. First player rides the wheelchair first, completes the distance. He passes the helmet to the second rider who rides the scooter, completes the distance, and passes helmet. Third rider pushes the bike without riding, passes helmet. Fourth rider rides the twist car. The last player rolls a tire to the finish line. First team to complete the relay wins

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Games: Pasan Namin ang Daigdig Mechanics A female member from each team weighing NLT 120 lbs sits on a chair below 8 suspended balloons and wears a hard hat. Four members of the team will carry the chair to pop one balloon at a time then return to starting line. Thereafter, the next four members of the group do the same and pops the next balloon. The same is repeated until all balloons are popped. First team to complete wins. Player Requirements 8 players 1 female member Eqpt Requirements 8 chairs 8 hard hats with pointed stick 8 balloons with strings and frame

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Games: Paint Ball Force on Force Mechanics Game is a battle of attrition or the capture of the “General”, whichever comes first, between 2 opposing teams positioned at opposite ends of the field Will be played within 5 mins. Upon a signal, each team will annihilate the enemy or capture the enemy’s leader. The first team to eliminate the opposing elements or capture of leader, wins. In cases of stalemate, the umpire will count the remaining …

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Games: Paint Ball Force on Force Mechanics … number of elements alive. The team with the highest surviving members, wins. In case of tie or having the same number of surviving elements, the team with more remaining number of paintball pellets, wins Will be played within 5 mins. Participants Gray and Silver Composition Requirements Provided by ___________

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Games: Obstacle Course Mechanics Team relay with 5 obstacles: Tires Zigzag Hurdles Culvert low crawl Balance beam Fastest team to complete course wins Player Requirements Gold Composition Eqpt/Personnel Tires, rope, poles, hurdles, strings

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Games: Obstacle Course Mechanics Team relay with 5 obstacles: Tires Zigzag Hurdles Culvert low crawl Balance beam Fastest team to complete course wins

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Games: Centipede Race Mechanics A team of 5 wears a pair of wooden framed shoe and walks together for a distance of 50 meters. Members will be holding a pole on both hands First team to complete the race wins.

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Games: Ayusin Mo, Plebo! Mechanics Game is patterned after a gameshow in WIN na WIN A team of 15 gets to hold a cardboard with printed words from a sentence in a “plebe knowledge” and assemble themselves sequentially to form a sentence formed by the 15 words. First team to complete the sentence wins. Player Requirements 15 players Eqpt Requirements Cardboards Timer/stopwatch

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Games: Games of the Generals Events will include obstacle course, relay on wheels and centipede race.

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Checklist: Food Preparation

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Checklist: Site Preparation

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Checklist: Site Preparation

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Checklist: Site Preparation

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Checklist: Raffle/Entertainment

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Checklist: Program/Invitation

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Checklist: Program/Invitation

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Checklist: Program/Invitation

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Checklist: Games

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Checklist: Games

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Checklist: Steering

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