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Coping with Congregational Expectations By John R. Cionca, PhD

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Average Senior Pastor Tenure is 4 years. Average Youth Pastor tenure is <2 years. 16% of Southern Baptist Churches are without a Senior Pastor. Pastoral Transitions

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Factors Related to Clergy Burnout The work of the church is never done. Too much of the time, the church does not give us a clear expectation of the tasks that we are supposed to fill. Ministry tends to be repetitive - repetition can be grinding. Ministers must work with the same people, year after year. The church is a haven and a refuge for people in great need.

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Factors Related to Clergy Burnout - William H. Willimon, Clergy and Laity Burnout Some people join the church, not out of any deep commitment to the true purpose of the church, rather out of the desire to receive attention and affirmation from the church. The church may be exhausted by failure. The church and its ministry are not valued by its surrounding culture. Poor time management wears down many in the church. Ministry is often a mess. The pastoral ministry requires the commitment or at least the sympathetic support of the pastor’s spouse.

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“Actually, this is my son, the pastor. He never learned to handle stress very well.” ©1989 Erik Johnson

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“I would never have expected the Pastor’s child to have a diaper like THIS!”

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“Remember, Beauregard, you’re the pastor’s dog; all the other dogs will be watching you.”

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“Look, Stan, I’m sorry about your car. But, frankly, I’m appalled that you, being a pastor, would allow yourself to become upset over something like this.” © 1991 John McPherson

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“Will you kids knock it off! How’s anyone supposed to know that I’m managing my household well?”

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Suppose we return your tithes, give you a reserved parking place, make you an elder, fire the youth minister, and eliminate the music committee. Would that be satisfactory?

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© 1988 Erik Johnson

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The Role of the CES as Administrator Lawson and Choun, Directing Christian Education Planner Forecasting (estimating) Establishing Objectives Developing Policies Establishing Procedures Programming Scheduling Budgeting Leader/Director Decision Making Communicating Motivating Selecting People Developing People Organizer Developing Organizational Structure Recruiter/Trainer/Delegator Establishing Relationships Controller Establishing Performance Standards Performance Measuring Performance Evaluating Performance Correcting

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Marriage Problems Pastors Face (percent of those indicating each item) 81% Insufficient time together 71% Use of money 70% Income level 64% Communication difficulties 63% Congregational expectations 57% Differences over use of leisure 53% Difficulty in raising children 46% Sexual problems 41% Pastor’s anger toward spouse 41% Spouse’s anger toward pastor 35% Differences over ministry career 25% Differences over spouse’s career 2% Physical abuse Leadership (Fall 1992) 39

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“I am appalled at what is required of me. I am supposed to move from sick-bed to administrative meeting, to planning, to supervising, to counseling, to praying, to trouble-shooting, to budgeting, to audio systems, to meditation, to worship preparation, to newsletter, to staff problems, to mission projects, to conflict management, to community leadership, to study, to funerals, to weddings, to preaching. I am supposed to be ‘in charge,’ but not too in charge, administrative executive, sensitive pastor, skillful counselor, public speaker, spiritual guide, politically savvy, intellectually sophisticated. And I am expected to be superior, or at least first-rate, in all of them. I am not supposed to be depressed, discouraged, cynical, angry, hurt. I am supposed to be up-beat, positive, strong willing, available. Right now I am not filling any of those expectations very well. And I am tired.” - From Who Ministers to the Ministers

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“Being a CEO of a church is like being a medical doctor of a mental institution when all your board members are also your patients.” - Wallace Alcorn, “What’s it like to be the CEO of a Church?” Daily Herald, Austin, MN, April 26, 1992, p. 5A.

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“No one said anything about life being fair!”

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“I’m sorry. The Pastor and his family aren’t here. They were kidnapped by gypsies.”

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DIVERGENT FUNCTIONAL EXPECTATIONS Studying Committee Work Visionary Implementer Counseling Visitation Deep Simple Feed the Flock Reach the Lost Like Me Better than Me

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DIVERGENT PERSONAL EXPECTATIONS CEO Employee Family Person With the Flock Lover Leader Humorous Sober Emcee Don’t Hog the Limelight Humble Dynamic

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imminence unity futurism pastrib. pretrib. posttrib. Eschatological Model

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Teacher Ecclesiastical Trap Socializer Administrator

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SUPPORT STRATEGY _______ your heart. Be ________ to one another. Value . Maintain . Emphasize over . the pastoral calling. your “father” stuff. Maintain your personal . Become a part of a . devoted diversity unity Guard function form Esteem Resolve support network ministry team

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COPING STRATEGY ___________ the congregation about the gospel ministry. ________ for ________ not your present ________. Maintain a healthy view of __________. Remember your ________. Live Christ church depravity call Educate

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Keep your __________ __________ current. Maintain ___________, __________, and __________. Build around you a team that compliments your __________ and ______________. COPING STRATEGY support networks

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“Each disciple was linked with a companion with whom to work as a team in their journeys. This ‘buddy system’ provided sharpening, encouragement, and increased overall effectiveness in what would prove to be a demanding season of ministry.” - Matt Friedeman, The Master Plan of Teaching

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Keep your __________ __________ current. Maintain ___________, __________, and __________. Build around you a team that compliments your __________ and ___________ . COPING STRATEGY support networks leisure exercise margin gifting personality

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COPING STRATEGY Have regular, systematic _____________. Allow for __________ __________. Look for the ________ in the journey. evaluations

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“It’s no big deal, Pastor. The board just wanted to start doing performance reviews. Go ahead and open it.”

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SOME DON’TS OF ASSESSMENT Don’t seek evaluation amidst conflict Don’t be flattered by positive comments Don’t be crushed by criticism Don’t be defensive Don’t talk too much Don’t tie evaluations to merit pay Source: Cionca, John R. Red Light, Green Light: Discerning the Time for Change in Ministry. Baker Books, 1994.

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THE DO’S OF ASSESSMENT Do start the process early Do encourage regular assessment Do maintain ownership of the evaluation Do accept the perceptions of evaluators Do press for objective feedback Do reprocess the evaluation after a “cool down” Source: Cionca, John R. Red Light, Green Light: Discerning the Time for Change in Ministry. Baker Books, 1994.

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COPING STRATEGY Have regular, systematic _____________. Allow for __________ __________. Look for the ________ in the journey. evaluations different tastes joys

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Choose your ________ wisely. Plan your ________, and ________ your ________. Keep growing ____________ and ________________. battles legacy work plan personally professionally COPING STRATEGY

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KEEP FRESH - STAY UP “This came from one of the presidents of the telephone company. He says, ‘Our company has a policy at every level of management, including me as president. No man can stay on the job for over four or five years.’ Now this shook me up because I have now been in the church for ten years. This guy was writing about it. ‘For the first and second years, a person is creative. By the third year he is entrenched, playing it safe, taking no risks. And after the fourth year, he has learned how to answer his mail. And by the fifth year, he can fend off all of his critics in creative answers.’ This is a startling statement, isn’t it. It’s easy to confuse routine with rigor mortis.” Quoted by John Maxwell

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