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ICT in Education Seminar A quick guide to starting your own blog

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What are blogs? ‘Web logs’- ‘Diary’ style entries in chronological order Interactive (visitors can leave comments) Easy to set up and manage Little or no knowledge of html code necessary Your pupils are probably already using them….

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Where do Blogs fit? Engages pupils in a way that they are used to- Bebo, MySpace are interactive social networking sites Encourages responsible use of the internet Promotes active/ interactive learning Students encouraged to voice opinion/ collaborate with others Allows extension of classroom learning Broadens teacher/pupil dialogue Provides invaluable reference point for revision Etc etc etc….

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Who can Blog?

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Starting your own… There are several good blog hosts, such as wordpress and xanga, but for this Seminar we will be using Blogger:- Microblogging for students -Is Edmodo the future?

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Sign in to Blogger

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Create a Google Account

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Give your blog a name

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Choose a style

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Ready to go…

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Posting is easy… Labels help you easily locate relevant posts Can switch Between html and ordinary Text- good for Embeds! Autosaves! Write what you Want in here

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The post toolbar Insert a picture Insert video Tools just like word

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Post success View your blog

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Here’s how it looks

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Blogs are interactive-Moderate your comments! Click on settings

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Enable comments by anyone with e-mail confirmation Click on comments

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Make your blog yours-customise! Can put header image On your blog Add links and widgets

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A cautionary note Remove the NavBar to avoid inappropriate content being reached by students Instructions found here:-