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Slide 1

Meet Jane

Slide 2

Meet Dick

Slide 3

Dick and Jane Fall in Love

Slide 4

And They Get…

Slide 6

Jane Enjoys…

Slide 11

Life is Good

Slide 12

But Soon Her…

Slide 14

Start Having…

Slide 16

Wow, That Looks Fun!

Slide 18

Dick and Jane Go For It!

Slide 20

And in No Time…

Slide 22

They are Ecstatic

Slide 23

Jane’s Tummy…

Slide 25

The Big Day Comes…

Slide 27

Jane Leaves…

Slide 29

And Decides to Stay…

Slide 31

The Transition is Hard…

Slide 37


Slide 39

Is Always Tight

Slide 40

Even Jane’s Career Mommy Friends Are…

Slide 42

Now Jane Understands

Slide 43

Motherhood Is An…

Slide 45

Kind of deal

Slide 46

And These Precious Ones…

Slide 48

Can Sometimes Break Your

Slide 50

Into A Dozen Invisible Pieces

Slide 51

But They Can Also…

Slide 52

Send you to the…

Slide 54

And Back, in a Single Day

Slide 55

Jane Now Knows…

Slide 56

It Is Worth Every Laugh and Tear…

Slide 58

Because it’s the small stuff…

Slide 60

That Adds Up to the Big Stuff…

Slide 63

That makes Motherhood The Epitome of Womanhood

Slide 65

Send this to each and every incredible mom you know.

Slide 66

“Motherhood is a full-time, for evermore, magnanimous endeavor. It is dirty and sweet, exasperating and inspiring. It is the ultimate challenge; it is the epitome of womanhood.” ~ A Dozen Invisible Pieces and Other Confessions of Motherhood

Slide 67

Visit: for book and author information Slides and storyline produced by Kimmelin and Andrew Hull All photos licensed from General slide concept from

Summary: A fun slideshare from Kimmelin Hull, author of A Dozen Invisible Pieces and Other Confessions of Motherhood

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