Celebrate Motherhood


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Mother’s day is just around the corner…

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but have you really taken the time…

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to think about who we are… as mothers…?

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We are her…

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and her….

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and her…

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We are sassy

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and also sweet.

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We are tender…

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and we are tough.

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We work from home

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or in the home

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or at the office.

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Some of us are golden…

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and some of us are green.

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We are decorated

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and silly,

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and studious,

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and sometimes we lose our way.

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Some days we know it all…

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and sometimes, we’ve still got a lot to learn.

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We are sisters, daughters and granddaughters,

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and this prepares us for the mothers we will become.

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We are nurturing,

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and introspective,

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and we come from every walk of life.

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We are role models for our children…

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Some days are harder than others

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and our self image may begin to deteriorate…

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But you can bet we’ll do just about anything,

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To find a little balance

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and be there for our children.

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Because at the end of the day…

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that’s really where we want to be.

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Forward this to every mother you know, young and old, new and seasoned. And let her know how much you appreciate the selfless work she does.

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A Dozen Invisible Pieces and Other Confessions of Motherhood www.adozeninvisiblepieces.com Happy Mother’s Day from…

Summary: A tribute to all the mothers who make our lives better each and every day. For a video/audio version please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItQv_TZ-jEU For more information: http://www.adozeninvisiblepieces.com

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