Batik Jumputan


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Membuat Batik Jumputan LAB1201 Project

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Video on Batik Jumputan

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What is Batik Jumputan? Batik Jumputan or also known as Batik ikat, another way of making batik using a tie-dye technique. Tie-dyeing is accomplished by folding/sewing/manipulating the material into desired patterns, and binding it with string or rubber bands. Only exposed parts of the material get dyed by the dye. Tying prevents the entire material from being dyed. Designs are formed by applying different colours of dyes, use of different objects to create unique patterns(e.g. marbles) as well as different tying techniques to different sections of the fabric.

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Materials Cotton cloth Cloth dye Marbles/coins Rubber bands Salt Pot/metal bowl Boiled water Thread and needle (optional) A traditional tie dye method originating from Indonesia. Apa ini Jumputan?

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Some patterns… Cantik ya?

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Step 1 Put the marble in a specific part of the cloth Tie a rubber band tightly around it Tie plastic bags around areas that you want to exclude from the dye

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Step 2 Add cloth dye into pot of boiling water Add a pinch of salt Garam sedikit!

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Step 3 Put cloth into pot of dye Stir constantly for 30 minutes Memasak Tiga puluh menit

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Step 4 Take out cloth from first dye Prepare new dye colour Put next part of cloth into the new dye colour

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Step 5 Remove plastic bags and rubber bands Unravel cloth! Jumputan habis!

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Jumputan Featuring “Batik Kami Cantik” by Group III.

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Working in progress

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Our Masterpiece!

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The End! Terima Kasih 

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