Old Riverside


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congokid (6 years ago)

Just loved your show with the charms of old USA. Thank you for sharing. Hans.

Wizard_of_Oz (7 years ago)

Great presentation Sandy. Enjoyed it the photos, the music.

DianeBetsy (7 years ago)

Hi Sandy, What a wonderful collection of photographs. It is a great record of the history and progress of Riverside. I love the pics of The Mission, especially having been there as your guest during our trip to the U.S.A. Well done and great dramatic music. Cheers from Diane. Qld. Australia.

Slide 31

Arlington and Van Buren in Riverside, Ca.

Slide 34

Bell on Mount Rubidoux

Slide 35

Bell being installed at UCR

Slide 36

Benedict Castle

Slide 37

Boat house at Lake Evens

Slide 38

Carnegie Library

Slide 39

China Town 1912

Slide 40

Clearance sale rack 1905

Slide 41

Court house in Riverside

Slide 42

Court of Birds Mission Inn

Slide 43

Cross dedication Mount Rubidoux Mountain, April 26, 1907

Slide 44

Preston funeral home 1930

Slide 45

Evergreen Cemetary

Slide 46

First motor cycle run in Riverside

Slide 47

First vehicle up Rubidoux Mt.

Slide 48

Glenwood Tavern

Slide 50

Highgrove school

Slide 51

Horse drawn omnibus Magnolia St. Riverside early 1900’s

Slide 52

Horse drawn street car

Slide 53

Hotel Hollywood

Slide 55

Huntington Dr. 1910

Slide 56

Lake Mathews

Slide 58

Loring building

Slide 59

Magnolia Ave. 1894

Slide 61

Main St. 1875

Slide 62

Main St. 1875

Slide 63

Mission Blvd 1930

Slide 64

Mission bridge

Slide 65

Mission Inn

Slide 66

Mission Inn from Orange St.

Slide 67

Old Poly High School

Slide 69

Riverside Poly High School

Slide 70

President Benjamin Harris on parade

Slide 71

Riverside City College

Slide 72

Riverside, Ca.

Slide 73

Riverside High School 1903

Slide 74

Room at the Mission Inn 1940’s

Slide 75

Rubidoux Mt. from Mission bridge

Slide 76

Salt Lake train bridge

Slide 77

Sept. 22, 1935 memorial service for Frank Miller

Slide 78

Stained glass at the Mission Inn

Slide 79

Summit of Mt. Rubidoux 1911

Slide 80

The Cactus on Arlington Ave.

Slide 81

UCR barn 1959

Slide 82

UCR being built in 1952

Slide 83

Van Buren and Magnolia

Slide 84

Victoria Ave. Bridge

Slide 85

Victoria Ave. 1906

Slide 86

Victoria golf course

Slide 87

View of Riverside 1880

Slide 88

White Park in Riverside

Slide 89


Summary: Riverside, Ca. early 1900's

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