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THE ORIGIN OF ŠIAULIAI CITY MIESTO ATSIRADIMAS Long long ago, when giant men still lived in Lithuania, a huge bull came. It stopped by the lake Talkša, drank pure water and decided to have a rest. The bull lied on the green grass and fell asleep and … didn’t wake up. The ages passed away, the forests disappeared but the bull was still sleeping and sleeping. The bull was covered with the ground, the grass grew and turned into a hill. The oakery grew on the same hill. Ages passed and people started to build a big city, cut the trees. The streets appeared. The city grew but the bull still is sleeping in the hill. Whatever would happen - the fire or the plague, the war or big joy - the huge bull still is there - in the hill.

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THE ORIGIN OF THE NAME OF ŠIAULIAI CITY It is said, that long long ago, when the Lithuanians worshipped the Thunderer and other gods, two tribes settled on the two hills overgrown with thick woods. The Talkša lake, which was in the deep hollow, separated these two tribes. The fishermen lived on the one side of the lake and the archers and hunters – on the other one. The archers hunted the animals and their skins and fur sold to the merchants of other countries. The fishermen’s settlement was called Zuvininkai and the archers and hunters’ settlement was called Sauliai. Now there are no any animals or woods but Zuvininkai village is still on the one side of the lake Talkša and on the other side Siauliai city was established.

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SALDUVĖS MOUND PILIAKALNIS Salduvė was a pretty daughter of Zuvininkai duke. She felt in love with a fisherman, poor boy, who always fish in Talkša lake. The lovers started making appointments on the coast of the lake. When the Duke got to know he got very angry. He hid Salduve in a tower of a castle. But the lovers didn’t obeyed and sent the love messages to each other. The duke decided to punish the fisherman and shot him. Salduve called curses to her father The Thunderer. The God was astonished of such cruelty and burned down the wooden castle. The Duke was looking for his daughter but only her amber necklace was found. He started shouting: “Salduve, Salduve!” So, from then till now the mound is called Salduve.

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LAKE TALKŠA Talkša lake is on the eastern side of Siauliai city. There are lots of legends told about this lake. I’d like to tell the most interesting one. Long long ago the lakes travelled from one place to another till they found the right place and name. Once upon a time one lake appeared and settled over the place, called Siauliai. The people were scared a lot. They prayed, chanted to chase the lake away. But the lake didn’t move. Someone in his dream saw that people need to think about the name of the lake. People guess the name of the lake but no one said the right name. Then one poor woman said: “Telkšok here!” (stay there). Suddenly, the lake landed near the city and it is there till nowadays. There is the other very similar legend but the name of the lake is Bitinelis (Bee) because its shape is similar to bee.