ENG202B Block Final Exam Review


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ENG202B Block Final Exam Review

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Exam Breakdown… There are 2 parts: Part 1: Multiple choice computer scored Part 2: Short Answer Make sure you are ready to spend time completing Part 1 – once you start you will NOT be allowed to stop and take it again. Any questions please contact your teacher beforehand.

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What you need to know… Describe characters on the basis of speech, actions, or interactions with others. Identify character traits and motivations. Formulate opinions and personal responses after reading. Recognize allusion. Identify simile. Identify rhyme scheme. Identify and interpret the use of figurative language. Recognize use of language to convey mood. Compare and contrast literary characters and selections. Identify theme.

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What you need to know… Identify recurring themes. Recognize author's purpose and devices used to accomplish it, including author's language, organization, and structure. Identify the effect of sentence structure and punctuation. Identify point of view. Use context clues, word origins, and derivations to determine word meaning.

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Sample Questions The allusion to Eden in Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay” compares nature to Eden because __________.   both will exist eternally both are places Frost likes to visit both are places known to be full of gold both are perfect, but only for a little while

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Sample Questions In William Blake’s poem “A Poison Tree,” the tree stands for __________.   nature’s beauty the speaker’s fury the speaker’s opponent the need to eat and drink

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Sample Questions At the beginning of “President Cleveland, Where Are You?” readers learn that Jerry is bothered when Armand occasionally sides with their parents. Why does the author include this detail? to show that Armand is always looking to annoy Jerry to suggest that Armand is not a very friendly person to imply that Armand is more selfish than Jerry to reveal that Armand is more mature than Jerry

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Sample Questions By the end of “Raymond’s Run,” when Squeaky decides to coach her brother, what do she and Jerry in “President Cleveland, Where Are You?” have in common? Both have something valuable to sell to rivals. Both see that it is better to help others than to help oneself. Both think that one should focus on one’s own goals. Both have decided to give up childish hobbies for more mature activities.

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Sample Questions Two poems from this semester that celebrate the simple goodness of life are __________.   "Boy Flying" by Leslie Norris and "All The World's a Stage" by William Shakespeare "There Is No Frigate Like a Book" by Emily Dickinson and "Harlem [2]" by Langston Hughes "Barter" by Sarah Teasdale and "Beauty" by E-Yeh-Shure' "A Poison Tree" by William Blake and "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost

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Sample Questions What is the rhyme scheme of this stanza from “The Courage That My Mother Had”? 181) The golden brooch my mother wore She left behind for me to wear; I have no thing I treasure more: Yet, it is something I could spare. ABCD ABBA ABCB ABAB

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Short Answer Section Re-read “Barter” by Sara Teasdale. What is the THEME of this poem? Think about the mood of the poem. Can you find a simile in it? What is the rhyme scheme? What is the point of view?

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“Barter” Theme – the world is full of beauty. Should people cherish this? What words are used to create the mood? Are her words positive or negative? Does the poet use certain words that appeal to our senses? Which words or phrases are these? What about the simile comparing music to gold? Is gold something that is valued? Does the rhyme scheme stand out? Why? What pronouns are used? Does this tell you what point of view?

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Family Members Some of the stories we read had family members playing important roles. Can you pick a character and explain how a family member played an important role? How did this family member affect the character? How did their actions support the theme of the story? (basically, did this character learn something from a family member. How & what was learned) Be able to provide examples from the story to support your answer.

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