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My New Printer Might be an example of chasing a fad or style. In its defense, it works.

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For Example This printer has only one button. On/Off It does have a 4 inch touch screen that has all the functions that could be needed It also has an email address? It surfs the net with apps, and there is a site to add additional. It prints from my IPAD. In fact the IPAD can control the scanner too.

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So Why? Well, the apps encourage you to print a summary of the USA Today, or a recipe. In fact they all have a print feature that prints, using the expensive ink. The touch screen is way better than my previous printer that had buttons and a little screen that was hard to see. Even if you don’t have an IPAD, HP knows that people who have them spend money.

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So Why Do I Bring This Up? This product is so TODAY! It set itself up. Connecting to my wireless router, and suggesting that I might want to put a disk in my computer. The computer asked me how the printer was connected to the internet. I never plugged it in to the computer. My computer is not wifi but it gets to the printer through the router.

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It Has an Email Address… The printer has an email address. If I’m no where near the printer, I can send a picture, spreadsheet or whatever, as an attachment and the printer will print it out. You can come home from vacation to a stack of snapshots, that what old people call pictures.

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So Here it is… A printer/scanner that configures itself, communicates with the world and can read its own email. The screen is bigger than most SmartPhones. It works well.

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This Printer Is A Computer It has an OS, operating system. We don’t know what it is but it could be WebOS, the same as the now discontinued HP Tablet. It does a lot of things, including communications, file reading and saving. It will scan directly to a SD card…

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What common devices have OS’s? Kitchen appliances TV’s Cable boxes What else

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