Energy Resource Plan


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Energy is the most important resource we have. In developed countries such as ours we use 8x more energy than developing countries. Consumption has consecutively grown for the last 26 years, and as the developing countries grow, their consumption and population will continue to grow and cause an increase in their usage. Countries such as ours are already expending more as our technology increases. It is important for us to take action to conserve now…it is the only way we will preserve for the future.

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Non-Renewable = sources of energy that are unable to be repleted.Coal – surface mining and release of greenhouse gasses Oil – 61.5% world power; spills ruin ecosystems Natural gas – burning destroys atmosphere We are draining the earth of these natural resources that we will never be able to get back once they are gone. It is a priority to do everything possible to find other resources and ways to live, or we will not have anything left when these are depleted, including natural habitats and environments that have been destroyed to get them.

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Renewable Energy is produced from natural resources and can be replenished. Sources that provide this energy are natural occurrences every day – Solar Power uses the sun’s rays to generate energy, Wind energy uses natural winds to operate generators. There are also technologies being developed for engine power, such as conversion technology where foods can be turned into fuel!

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Fluorescent light bulbs are equal to incandescent light bulbs with the light they generate, but these bulbs require only 25 percent of the energy and last up to 15 times longer. The little expense associated at the store can save a lot more in the end. Taking care of energy sources in the home can help to save a lot of energy, keeping ventilation systems clear and providing routine upkeep will increase the efficiency and life as well. By installing insulation, caulking windows and areas that may be releasing heat and energy is a way to keep the house at a reasonable temperature without wasting power and resources, as well it can save on the high bills that are incurred!

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On the road, save fuel by carpooling and driving at slower speeds.

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It is important that our government take action now to provide access to new energy sources. In the meantime they are responsible for leading our fight to conserve. By changing regulations to require machines to work in a cleaner and less energy costly way companies will be required to take action to help in controlling our energy expenditures. These regulations can be applied to refrigerators, air conditioners and cars.

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Energy The Power of Life

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Energy Energy NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCES: Cannot Be Replenished Harm the Environment

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Energy Energy Replenish Environmentally Healthy RENEWABLE RESOURCES:

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Energy Energy CONSERVATION STRATEGIES At Home : Fluorescent Bulbs Insulate! Insulate! Insulate!

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Energy Energy & SLOW DOWN!! Carpool CONSERVATION STRATEGIES On the Road :

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Energy Energy CONSERVATION STRATEGIES Government : Control Efficiency Standards Cars Appliances

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Preserve Conserve Energy Energy To Preserve…..we must Conserve Renewable Efficient Environmentally Friendly

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