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English Project Name : Anton Konishev Class : 9 – 6 Subject : Unusual Sport

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Rope Climbing “Rope Climbing” – is a sport in which competitors , usually men , attempt to climb up suspended vertical rope using their hands . URL : Link

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General Description Rope climbing is a sport in which the object is to climb a suspended vertical rope, using only the hands and arms, in the shortest time possible. The usual starting position is seated on the floor. Rope climbing has been part of the Olympic Games on several occasions. Early last century, competitive climbing events were regularly held on both 20 ft and 25 ft length and 1.5 inch diameter natural fiber ropes. Currently, rope climbing demonstrations are held sporadically, rope climbing is practiced regularly at the World Police and Fire Games, and competitions are held in the Czech Republic.

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History This was an Olympic Gymnastic event at one time, but was removed from that venue after the 1932 Games. In the United States, when these organizations dropped the events. As a result, intercollegiate competition in the USA disappeared at this time. In Olympic Games held in the USA, competitors climbed a 25 ft (7.62m) rope, but when Games were held in Europe, an 8m (26.3 ft) rope was used. In almost all contests, athletes climbed for speed, starting from a seated position on the floor and using only the hands and arms. Kicking the legs in a kind of "stride" was normally permitted. However, at the 1896 Olympic Games, competitors were ranked by both time and style on a rope so long that some climbers did not reach the top and were therefore excluded In all succeeding Olympics through the 1932 Games, competitors were judged strictly by time of ascent on a shorter rope. The world record for the 20' climb was 2.8 seconds, first achieved by the American Don Perry in the 1950s.

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Rules & Equipment On a sport climbing route, pre-placed bolts follow a 'line' up a rock face. Sport climbs can vary in length from a few meters to a full 60 meter rope length for multi-pitch climbs. The climbs might be equipped with just a few bolts or many. Sport climbing can be undertaken with relatively little equipment. Equipment used in sport climbing includes: 1. A dynamic rope 2. Quickdraws 3. A belay device 4. Climbing harnesses for be layer and climber 5. Climbing Shoes and chalk bag are normally used, although not technically necessary

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I chose this game because : I chose this particular sport because that sport interesting me On that sport you need strong hands and body to win the competition That sport very exciting and unusual .

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Jingle If you have motivation to win the competition This sport for you .