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English Project Names: Lea Lubenski & shahar Betito Subject: Unusual Sport-Underwater Hockey Class: 9(6) School: Mekif Tet

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Underwater Hockey The name of the game is:” Underwater Hockey”. It means that it is a hockey game that is played underwater usually at the pool. We read about the game at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underwater_hockey At this sport two teams compete in order to put the puck into goals. A short history of the game: The game was invented in 1954 by Alan Blake. First it was played by him and other divers at the Sub-Aqua Club at Britain. Later it’s rules were invented at the same year. After that the game became popular in many countries. World championships are held every two years.

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4) A short explanation of the rules: Two teams of six players in each team are competing in order to score goals. Before starting the game the puck is placed at the middle of the pool and the players wait, then there is a signal for the game to start. The game lasts 15-minutes. The aim of the game is to score many goals as much as they can. In order to score a goal the team needs to put the puck at the edge of the pool. At the game the players hold their breath, that makes the game more hard.

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5) Special equipment: 1. Snorkel and mouthguard. 2. Hat with earguardes. 3. Mask 4. Fins 5. Stick 6. Puck 7. Glove

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6) We chose this particular sport because it is interesting and fascinating. At this game the players need to work together in order to win. Moreover it develops values of respect, team work and good behavior. This sport helps you to learn how to hold the breath for a long time, strengthens the body and the muscles. In addition it is a very fast and fun game!

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Underwater Hockey We recommend you to play this game because it is exciting, cool and enjoyable. At this game you and your team needs to work together in order to win. This sport is good to people who want to lose weight or to stay at the same weight. In addition it helps you to become stronger and sportive. It improves the speed of response and keeps you in shape. Jingle:

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