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Name: Eden Yroslavsky and Levav Shabtay English project – unusual sports

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Air racing From the first impression of the title we can understand that this is a unique sport that pilots enjoy, racing in the air around all over the globe. It’s a very special competition which pilots from all over the world come to see it. Its all about the speed precision and skills. The pilots compete each over using airplanes in the air, in order to win and become world champion they have to cross the biggest distance.

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Descreption of the game One of the most exciting sports The Red Bull Air Race World Championship features the world’s best race pilots in a motor sports competition that combines speed, precision and skill. Touching down in six cities worldwide in 2009, each Red Bull Air Race is unique. From the heart of the city to the open countryside, over land or water, a Red Bull Air Race can take place almost anywhere. Spectacular backdrops and jaw-dropping action guarantee that spectators experience one of the most innovative and exciting new sports around today.

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The history 2001: The idea Back in 2001, there was an idea to merge flying with the most exciting elements of motor racing. Eight years later, the Red Bull Air Race, in its current form, already goes well beyond this vision. It has become a completely new, completely independent racing sport with more tension, greater competitiveness and larger audiences than anyone ever imagined. 2002: First Air Gate prototypes 2003: First Red Bull Air Race 2005: The first official Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2006: Eight races and 11 pilots 2008: First European World Champion 2009: Four rookies In 2009 15 pilots, including four rookies, will compete in six races around the globe. and the future is only a had of us.

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Rules and how to play You must have experience when it comes to airplanes. You have levels in this competition that you have to pass to win. Your timing is extremely important , air gates pass, the weather condition, also you earn points during the competition ( 12 points is the maximum). they have strict rules. For example: not smoking, passing the Gate correctly, speed level and more. They have penalties to people who don’t follow the rules one of them is to lower the pilot points When in fact he really needs them. Special equipment: advanced planes, helmets, seat bells, air gate passes And more.

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Why I chose it… I was always so interested in this kind of sports, I knew it existed but I never really Explore it. Today had the opportunity to do it, its truly unusual I think any person who would have decided to go and to be apart of it wont be disappointed.

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