PRAD 255 - Module 3 - Ethics and Professionalism - Part 1final


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ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM: WHY DO WE CARE? (PART 1) Principles of Public Relations Ragas

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Nick Naylor

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Defining Ethics and Values “Ethics refers to the standards of conduct which indicate how one should behave based upon moral duties and virtues rising from principles of right and wrong.” Values are “central beliefs which determine how we will behave in certain situations.” (Source: The Markula Center for Applied Ethics at the University of Santa Clara) Warren Buffett’s “Newspaper Front Page Test”

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Ethical decisions made by PR practitioners take into consideration multiple factors: The employer’s self-interests The public interest The standards of the PR profession The personal values of the PR professional Can you be a true advocate for an organization or issue and still be ethical? Why or why not?

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Examining ethics and PR: Would you do work for BP? Source: Ad Age June 4, 2010 online poll, non-scientific, 300 respondents

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What are the major professional associations in PR? PRSA The largest; parent of PRSSA IABC Corporate-oriented association IPRA Smaller but true international focus All of these associations have codes of ethics and help sets the standards for professionalism

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PRSA Code Core Values Advocacy (Responsible) Honesty Expertise Independence Loyalty Fairness Remember the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and the Mom Test: “would I be embarrassed if my mom heard about this?”

Summary: PRAD 255 - Module 3 - Ethics and Professionalism - Part 1 (Matt Ragas)

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